Ichigo’s training continues to the next stage whilst Tsukishima plots something.


Ginjo explains that because Ichigo needs to acquire his fullbring by force, they need to force him to mental and physical extremes in order to draw it out and ultimately regain his soul reaper powers. But Ichigo complains it’s not fast enough, so he wants to fight one of them. Fighting against the odds is how he’s always gotten stronger, so he doesn’t want this time to be any different.

At Tsukishima’s lair, he thinks of an interesting ploy and asks Shishigawara to do something.

Giriko is against Ichigo fighting one of them to quicken his fullbring development’s pace as if Ichigo does truly force it out it could go out of control leading to his death. Jackie’s against it as she doesn’t want to use her fullbring to satisfy Ichigo’s ego. So in the end Ichigo enters Riruka’s birdcage to face pig version 2 and a chicken.

Sado’s worried about Orihime attacker’s ability so he wants to check with Ishida, but then he senses something somewhere around him.

Ginjo notices someone’s closing in on Sado too and Ichigo hears. He wants out, but can’t get out unless he defeats the two monsters. And adding to that 10 minutes is up meaning the monsters get bigger. As ichigo’s running he realises that he’s been firing his attacks too soon, so he charges his attack before firing making a more powerful ‘getsuga’ and destroys the birdcage.

He calls Sado and to find that he’s okay. He was followed by managed to lose his follower. With him safe, Ichigo relaxes and continues on with his training. His next opponent, is Jackie Tristan.


Still as slow as ever… only development is Ichigo using more powerful attacks by charging. I think you’ll need to get used to these short thoughts soon, at least for Bleach as there’s really nothing I can talk about. Ichigo needs to acquire fullbring and Tsukishima is the bad guy plotting something. Until something develops I can’t really say anything apart from it’s boring…

Although I guess some backstory to Jackie was revealed. It’s the sorta grim everyone’s dead backstory I expected. Her ability will be of interest I guess, ‘dirty boots’. If her power involves getting her boots dirty then I will facepalm… Though this is Japan so I guess even if it’s literal in another language it’ll still sound ‘cool’ to the Japanese. Guess I can let it slide… but still… oh well… nothing else to talk about, only thing I can nitpick on…

I’m expecting a dragged out fight with Ichigo and Jackie, at least we’ll see some more development on Ichigo’s side. Not sure about Tsukishima, he’s just stalking Sado for a while, taking things slow…