My last music blog of this season is of course Shakugan no Shana’s opening which already has over 100 plays on my itunes, bearing in mind I don’t use itunes much and I’m not even around my laptop that much and it’s my second most played song. And yes I’ve decided to end the music blogs here, I got too much work to do, still working on my essay and project, and by the time they’re done the season will have finished, so I may as well wrap this season’s music up now.

Although I do want to recommend some music this season which I found enjoyable. These are YOUTHFUL by 99RadioService, Chihayafuru’s opening. Hologram by Kiyoura Natsmi, Phi Brain’s ending. And My Dearest by supercell, Guilty Crown’s opening.

So, onto the song. As you gathered, I love this song. I’ve enjoyed Kotoko since the first Shakugan no Shana series so I guess it’s no surprise.

This is a song about love and fate sang in Kotoko’s techno style. The ‘hard’ action feel of the song makes it a suitable opening for the anime. The animation’s as good as ever as expected of J.C.Staff. I quite liked the short clip of the reiji maigo in the opening sequence at the very beginning kinda signalling how everything started now that we’re ending the anime soon. Most of the rest was pretty standard, fight scenes, characters, scenery etc.

I think my favourite part has to be ‘shout out’. It feels like a command almost and I wanna shout too and then the woah nicely follows as it’s an easy thing to shout out with the song. Also I don’t quite get the weird English thing being repeated, is Yahweh even English…? I don’t get why that was shoved into the song, doesn’t seem to link with the song and seems out of place, as though she wanted to sing something ‘dark’ in English and randomly inserted it. But it’s fine, I kinda enjoy it, oddly…

Running late on time again, so I’ll wrap things up with lyrics:


Light my fire

Ima toki hanate
Hime ta omoi wo
Muni kaeru genjitsu
Tachikiru tame ni


Unmei ga hitsuzen da to shitatte
Nobody can predict what will happen
Hisshi ni aragatte kun da
Sono ni utsushi ta mirai woah
Kono te ni

Shout out
Onore no sonzai
Sakeba woah ~woah~
Kimi ni kikoeru made
Soko kara wa
Nani ga mieru
Light my fire

Kotoba ni daki nai
Muyoku de chiisana
Kono kanjou wo
Bokura wa shitteru woah
Seikai ga doko ni mo naku tatte
Nobody knows what only I know
Kono mune no uchi de moeru
Honoo wa kesshite kiewa shinai
Sou darou

Shout out
Mamoru beki mono
Sakebe woah ~woah~
Shuuen made no time limit
Nori koete
Genkai made
Light my fire

Yahweh, who shall dwell in your sanctuary?
Who shall live on your holy hill?
Yahweh, who shall dwell in your sanctuary?
Who shall live on your holy hill?
Yahweh, who shall dwell in your sanctuary?
Who shall live on your holy hill?
Yahweh, who shall dwell in your sanctuary?
Who shall live on your holy hill?

Finally Found
Kaeru beki basho
Koko yo senken de ~woah~
Nidoto hanashi wa shinai

Shout out
Koe o agero
Sakebe woah ~woah~
Tatoi donna konan ga
Kono saki ni matte you tomo
Woah woah

Light my fire

Maybe I wasn’t the best to review this song as I don’t have sufficient time to give it a good review, but well there you go.