Episode 9: The Fallen Apple and the Continuing Road

Its puzzling I agree

Herbert is meets someone in the corridor. He tells the person that he came from a meeting discussing about the last fail attempt against Kaito. He goes on that the next puzzle for Kaito would be built on the school grounds and he is pulling rank over P.O.G. member Kaidou Baron; the person he is talking to. Back at school, he tells Souji and hopes that the children can develop for them. Meanwhile everyone is preparing for the school festival. Ana and Cubic have some genius exhibitions, whilst Gyamon reluctantly has a haunted house and offers to help Nonoha out. Nonoha goes on that would be helpful as she has offered her services to many other attractions, she then adds that she entered Kaito into the Root boy contest. Kaito is shocked to find out that the Root Boy contest is a cross-dressing contest and argues that Ana should enter. Gyamon states that he would enter too. They are joined by Naoki (and friend) who also have entered the contest to humiliate Kaito. They have also brought a Sudoku puzzle along, which then Souji appears and alters the puzzle to make it pretty. He is then called away. Souji makes preparations of the school festival; he thinks back to 2 years ago when he attempted to qualify for the Orpheus armband, but did not receive it.


It is the day of the school festival and everyone is working hard, Cubic’s new robot fails and Ana is given a money offer for her artwork. Gyamon is in drag ready for the competition and Nonoha is hard at work, at her many various activities. Meanwhile Herbert prepares his plan of action against Kaito. Kaito is getting his make-up done as Nonoha appears and tells him that she would cheer him on, she then heads off for her theatrical role. Running around the corner she bumps into someone who takes her away. Kaito changes into a prom dress, when he receives a message from POG. He is shown a picture of a captured Nonoha. Also Souji has hacked into the message and hopes that the Far Eastern Giver is not too reckless. The Miss Root Boy contest begins and Kaito has disappeared. Kaito has headed to the big top tent on the school grounds, in his prom dress. He enters and is greeted by a puzzle. Looking above he sees Nonoha suspended above the puzzle. A voice tells him the rules of the puzzle, which is all about truth and lies. The Dwarfs that tell lies have poison apples and the ones that tell the truth have not. The time limit is set by the flames and Kaito has to solve it before everything burns. He listens to the Dwarves statements, which are given only once and he proceeds to solve the puzzle.

Kiss me quick

Souji is listening in and discovers something odd. Kaito tries to solve the puzzle and remembers the statements, but he can’t narrow it down and solve it as one piece of information has been omitted. Just then, Kaito receives a message from Minotaur. He explains that one piece of information has been left out. He goes on telling him that a puzzle design to kill the solver is not beautiful. Minotaur is Souji, who is outside the burning tent. He thinks back to in Baron’s office that he was given the role of a POG giver as he didn’t qualify as a solver. He then hacks the puzzle and sends the last bit of information. Inside, Kaito receives the last statement that there are only three delicious apples. With that he is able to solve the puzzle. Nonoha is then lowered to the floor and Kaito rescues her. However, the puzzle took too long and he cannot escape. The girders start to fall towards Kaito and are about to kill him and Nonoha. Suddenly Cubic’s robot rushes in and blocks the falling debris. Kaito looks up and sees Cubic and Souji on the robot. Herbert screams that his plan had failed and wonders who the people that saved Kaito and Nonoha are. Baron explains that they are children of Phi and tells Herbert to take care on his way back, Herbert then leaves in a huff.

Don't get your knickers in a twist

Cubic is pleased that his creation was a success. Nonoha then wakes up and looks at Kaito and asks about the Miss Root Boy contest. Back in the hall, the winner of the contest is about to be announced. A moment passes and Ana is named the winner, even though he did not enter, much to the shock of Gyamon. That evening, Kaito wonders about Minotaur and how he had turned the killing puzzle into a clean solvable one. Nonoha apologises that she could not help out with the other activities, but she is told that Souji helped them out. In Baron’s office, Baron tells Souji that his actions were against the POG Charter. However, Souji tells him that the Chief’s plan to of having a puzzle with no treasure or solution is no Kenja Puzzle. Baron therefore decides to overlook the breach in the rules. He adds that he is honoured to give the title Newton to Souji. Souji tells him that he could not allow a puzzle about apples slide. He hopes that the solver that he has helped would go on to solve the Puzzle of God.

This episode I could not stop laughing at Kaito and Gyamon in drag. Makes me wonder if they do have competitions like that in Japanese Schools? To top it all off; making Ana the winner even though he had not entered the competition. Clearly someone was fooling around with the result or that the school really thinks that Ana is a great cross-dresser; definitely a trap. I would have liked to have seen Kaito in the competition and Nonoha cheering him on for a few laughs. It looks as though Herbert has failed yet again to stop Kaito; he would in for it if it carries on. Soon, Rook would be back again to give Kaito a hard time. This time Kaito didn’t need the Orpheus armband to solve the puzzle as he did it on his own brain power. Hopefully we would get to see more puzzles that are arranged for the other title holders, except Nonoha; she can’t solve a plastic bag even if it choked her.