Episode 10: Welcome to the Queen`s Kingdom

I asked for Coffee!!!

Naoki is taking part in a game show called Puzzle Kingdom. Naoki is trying to solve a puzzle that is set by the show’s main star, Elena. If he can solve the puzzle, he would win the prize money of 10 million yen. Naoki struggles, so Elena offers a hint if he begs. Naoki gets on his knees and begs her. She laughs and tells him that anyone requiring a hint, fail. Naoki is then dumped into the floor below and fails to get the prize money. Kaito and Nonoha are watching the show and see Naoki’s loss. Kaito really admires her and would like to meet her someday. Cubic gets annoyed and shows them evidence that Elena is actually selfish. Ana feels as though she is actually lonely. Kaito tells them that he won’t stay away as he has been applying to appear on the show every week, but has not received an invitation. Elsewhere Gyamon is at the arcade playing against Antoinette (Elena). The store rules are after a hundred losses, the person has to leave the store. Both Gyamon and Elena have 99 wins and 99 losses, which means a tie-break. Whilst playing, Gyamon notices several strange men moving behind Elena. He jumps over the games machine, grabs Elena and they run out of the store. The men give chase, however Gyamon manages to duck into an alleyway and the men run past them.

Maybe its a shopping list

Gyamon thinks he has saved Elena, but she calls him a coward and that the men were her acquaintances. She thinks he left as he was about to lose. She then leaves in a limo escorted by the strange men. Elena completes the days filming on Puzzle Kingdom. In her dressing room, Herbert visits her. He gives her a picture of Kaito and co. He tells her to take out Kaito’s friends; whom she immediately recognises Gyamon from the photo. Herbert wants her to give a POG puzzle to them. She accepts. Later, Kaito, Nonoha and Gyamon are leaving the school, when Elena drives up to them. Gyamon recognises her as Antoinette; Kaito and Nonoha as Elena. Kaito and Nonoha walk away as Elena gives Gyamon a note. She then leaves, Nonoha comes running up expecting it to be a love note. However, Gyamon shows both Kaito and Nonoha that it is actually an invitation from POG giver, Antoinette.

That dummy decided to drop out

Later that night, the three head to the location of the POG puzzle; which is at the TV station. They head to the set of Puzzle Kingdom. Here they are greeted by Elena, who is sitting on the throne above them. Elena presents them the puzzle, Kaito heads to the solver’s chair off shot, while Gyamon takes the front seat and Nonoha the back seat. Elena presses a button and traps them in the chair. The fog clears as the floor moves down and away. Elena explains the rules to Kaito, highlighting that Gyamon and Nonoha have taken the dummy seats. She gives Kaito the option of removing the dummy seats by a control panel on his armrest. She demonstrates this by dropping one of the dummy seats next to Gyamon, which falls a very long way and smashes into the floor. She gives Kaito 5 minutes to solve it, if not he would also drop. The treasure is given as the 10 million yen. Gyamon complains that he has to sit and watch; he is given the choice of sacrificing himself, by a button on his armrest. Elena begins the puzzle as Herbert watches on the monitor screen.

Go Gyamon!!!

Kaito begins to try and solve the puzzle, but struggles due to the dummy chairs being in the way. Elena baits Gyamon into pushing his button and sacrificing himself, but is stopped by Kaito who vows that they all won’t fall to their deaths and that he would solve the puzzle. Gyamon and Nonoha change their moods and immediately have confidence that Kaito would solve the puzzle. Kaito continues, but then struggles on the middle two rows. This forces him to activate the armband of Orpheus. Elena gets worried and tries to stop the timer, but Herbert has locked it out, planning to kill the solver Kaito. Kaito quickly deduces the possibilities and solves it in nick of time. Herbert is furious that Elena lost. Gyamon tells Elena that the time, he thought he was actually saving her. She runs off, leaving them. Nonoha eggs him on to chase after her; hinting at a relationship. The next day, Gyamon realises something and heads back to the TV Station. He had forgotten about the prize money for solving the puzzle, but is denied entry by the guards.

For a minute there I thought that Elena had got the person mixed up, as she presented the invitation to Gyamon not Kaito, which Herbert ordered her to give the puzzle to Kaito. Luckily, Kaito took the solver seat otherwise they would have been brown bread. Surprisingly, Elena wanted to stop the puzzle, but was prevented by Herbie. Probably this is hinting at the fact she may like Gyamon. Have to wait and see if it pans out or not. It is starting to drag on a bit with Herbert now, we need to have Rook back and he when he does, it would be on a different level.