Aichi Sendou vs Bidou Kiriya


On a random street Kai keeps an eye on the match streamed a huge screen.

Kiriya stands Hades Ringmaster and Aichi stands Fullbau. Kiriya takes first move and rides Skull Juggler, Ringmaster soul charges. Skull Jugglers ability sends another to soul.

Aichi rides Blaster Javelin, Fullbau’s skill allows Aichi to search for Blaster Dark. He then calls Charon and attacks. Kiriya draws a heal trigger meaning Skull Juggler’s now too powerful for Blaster Javelin. 0-1.

Kiriya rides Elephant Juggler, calls Barking Cerberus and Midnight Bunny. Elephant Juggler soul charges. Juggler and Cerberus deal 2 damage. Bunny’s counterblast activates, at the cost of one, switch with a monster in soul. Kiriya calls Nightmare Doll Alice which means he can soulcharge again. Alice’s attack is guarded. 2-1.

Aichi rides Blaster Dark, moves Charon to call Nemain. Nemain’s counterblast activates, cost of 1, discard 1 shadow paladin to draw twice. He then calls Rugos and attacks. Rugos is guarded, Blaster Dark deals 1 damage and draws a heal trigger, Nemain deals the second damage. 1-3.

Kiriya rides Dark Illusionist Robert whose skill allows a soul charge and can look at the top card of his deck. Alice attacks Nemain and then moves to soul to call out Bunny. Robert attacks and deals 1 damage. Cerberus deals a 2nd damage meaning Bunny can go to soul to call out Alice who attacks again dealing a 3rd damage. 4-3.

Aichi rides Phantom Blaster Dragon and calls Dark mage, Badhagn Caar. Badhagn’s skill activates, if the top card of the deck is a shadow paladin, it’s called. He calls a second Badhagn Caar who’s skill activates and calls another monster. Dragon’s counterblast activates sacrificing 3 monsters to boost its power by 10k and damage by 1. Aichi then calls Blaster Dark and Arianrhod. Rugos attacks Cerberus but is guarded. Dragon attacks but is stopped by a perfect guard. Blaster dark attacks last and deals 1 damage. 4-4.

Kiriya declares final turn. Robert’s skill soucharges and he calls Bicorn and Bunny. Alice attacks first but is guarded. Robert attacks but Aichi guards and intercepts. Cerberus kills Rugos.

Aichi declares final turn. He calls Grim Reaper and Abyss Healer. Dragon’s counterblast activates again. With a tremendous 28k power, Phantom Blaster Dragon destroys Kiriya.

Kai walks away after seeing the match end and is determined to stop Aichi.


Well as expected, Aichi won. It would’ve looked too ridiculous if he lost now. Although we didn’t really see any development in Aichi’s Psyqualia, I predicted that it may be him not fainting after the match, but we didn’t see him go back to Kamui and Misaki so dunno if he did or didn’t faint. But at least he didn’t collapse during the fight, which for a moment I thought he would. Like before that winning moment, like when Joey faced Marik.

I like how Taishi compared Aichi with the predator rather than the weak prey hiding away behind comrades. I guess they all realised his abnormal growth in the past few episodes, especially that hilarious out of character arrogance.

Also, I learnt some interesting game mechanics this episode. It was when the first damage was dealt to Kiriya and he drew a heal trigger, yet it didn’t heal the damage that is the heal trigger itself. So this means that the heal trigger won’t take effect if you’re on 0 damage, kinda sounds logical, but you always wonder about the rulings.

On a side note, I apologise for some late blogs, as I’ve said again and again today was my project and essay deadline day, so had no time to blog yesterday and I was busy until the deadline time this afternoon and then went shopping to relax for a bit. So I could only finish this blog today but never fear, now that my work is all done next blogs should be on time. Although I say that, I still have lectures tomorrow, and then university finishes for the year, so I will be partying… but even so, I will catch up on blogs in the next few days.

Anyway looks like some Kai back story next episode, that’ll be interesting and it also seems he still hasn’t done anything about Aichi yet. What is he waiting for…?