Episode 11: The Queen`s Counterattack

Elena shows them that she isn't wearing any underwear

POG reviews all the puzzles recently used and yet they were all solved by Kaito. POG is concerned but Herbert doesn’t back down and vows that he would destroy Kaito. Meanwhile at the academy, Elena has come to visit. Elena takes part in a TV show of evil creatures trying to steal a treasure chest. After the take, it is revealed that Gyamon and Kaito are in the costumes. Cubic rolls up and explains that it is a sci-fi puzzle TV show with Elena as the heroine, which is aimed at children. Gyamon complains that it makes the Giver good guys and the solver the bad guys. Elena comes up to them and tells them that this is their reward for beating her. Earlier on, she met with Herbert who tells her to challenge Kaito again. Gyamon and Kaito suspect that Elena is up to something and opt to be wary. Just then, Nonoha and Ana appear which Gyamon becomes entranced over Nonoha’s costume. Elena tells them that she selected Nonoha for her fast reflexes and so letting her appear as an extra. Kaito looks at Nonoha and thinks she looks like Kintaro, which gets him attacked by Nonoha. Kaito screams for help from Gyamon while Elena walks away.

If Gyamon can open his mouth wider, it would be touching the floor

Back at the academy, Souji expresses his concerns to Baron that the POG president Herbert is becoming dangerous. However, Baron tells him it is need for the children of phi brain to develop. Back on the TV set, Elena reviews one of the puzzles for the shoot and is angry that it is incorrect; she orders that it be rectified before shooting recommences. Gyamon comments that she is indeed the puzzle Queen, she shouts back that she would never lose. Kaito asks her if the puzzles to her are tools for winning and he adds that he feels sorry for the puzzles. Elena then questions Kaito and asks what puzzles are to him, which he responds that they are something precious. Elena angrily tells him that she would show him, her true puzzles. Kaito responds that he would show the feelings towards puzzles. Up above on the cliff, Bishop watches. That night, the title holders enter a TV stage and find a miniaturized set of a city. Elena greets them and tells them that the city’s blue buildings are the puzzle and that they have to pick them up and place them in the area provided, leaving no spaces.

Nonoha is a BIG girl isn't she...

Elena highlights other exceptions; no buildings of the same height next to each other and the tallest eight-story building cannot be next to the river. The time limit is 10 minutes and accidents could happen. She demonstrates this by burning up a dummy. The time limit then appears on their costumes. Kaito tells Elena that he would challenge her and to leave the others out, but Elena states that she would fight all of them. Everyone tells Kaito that they would solve the puzzle together. Kaito accepts the challenge and the puzzle begins. At first, Kaito struggles to get everyone to put the city blocks in the correct place, but after a while, Elena starts to notice that they are working together. She then releases a flying drone which taunts the group and also makes Nonoha fall. The flying drone hits Cubic’s robot and sends him falling. His robot is about to crush him, but he is saved by Nonoha. Kaito finds it a struggle to work with the flying drone and demands that the others be released and that he would fight Elena by himself.

Her legs are long, taller than skyscrappers

Suddenly, Herbert; who is watching releases several other drones, which are flying grenades. These explode on the puzzle arena. Elena tells them that it isn’t her doing which makes Kaito realise it is POG. Cubic throws Kaito and Nonoha part of his robot and they dispatch some of the flying grenades. Elena is shocked that her puzzle has been changed, when a grenade goes off next to her and knocks her off the platform. The controller is destroyed as Elena falls, but she is saved by Gyamon; who catches her. Nonoha takes out the last grenade; Gyamon and Elena then join the others. Nonoha asks Elena to stop the bombs of their costumes, but she cannot as the controller is destroyed. She starts crying when Kaito tells her that he wouldn’t let anyone be murdered as his armband activates. Kaito quickly deduces the puzzle, but figures that they won’t have time to complete it. However, he sees that Cubic has part of his robot and that he could carry more buildings. Quickly they solve the puzzle in the nick of time.

How can he be beaten by a girl

The lights of the miniature buildings switch on and one of the buildings opens up and reveals a puzzle book. Kaito reads it to find the puzzles riddled with mistakes. Cubic finds that the puzzle book belongs to Elena. Elena tells them that earlier on in her life, she wasn’t able to solve puzzles and that puzzle book would be worth more than the ten million yen. Kaito tells her that she wanted someone to solve the puzzle and to see her real self. Kaito gives an inspirational speech to her. Nonoha comments that he made a cool speech, he responds that she be quiet; calling her Kintaro leading him to be attacked by Nonoha. Herbert is furious and starts thrashing about. He decides to kill Kaito regardless and release the remaining bombs. However he is stopped by Bishop who then presents Luke. POG monitored the puzzle and found that Herbert changed the puzzle so that he can kill Kaito. Herbert then notices that Luke is now a director and reports to Count Pythagoras. Luke has Herbert taken away. Luke then looks at the screen of Kaito and decides to start his puzzle time.

This was a nice puzzle to solve, but it was spoilt by Herbie again. At least now Herbie is gone for now and that Luke is back. This time Luke would be providing his puzzles, but this would affect Kaito on a different level when he finds out who Luke really is. Elena is a nice character which I wish she wasn’t a POG giver and instead on Kaito’s side.