Serialization meeting is soon upon them, which will be published, serious or gag?


Niizuma is brought the manuscripts for the monthly competition and is immediately excited by the prospect of reading Ashirogi Muto’s piece. Even by just the title, he can tell it’s going to be good.

The manga is Future Watch, about a protagonist that was left an invention by his late father that can send him 7 minutes into the future and his future self can tell them anything.

Niizuma is very happy with Future Watch and is certain that no others can beat it. He even puts ‘boring’ on the comments for all others apart from Future Watch and he insists on going to the judging meeting to convince everyone else Future Watch is the best.

Everyone does agree that all the other entries look bad compared to Future Watch, but it’s only here to be judged, not to win anything.

Miura won’t tell Ashirogi the results of Future Watch judging until serialization meeting. Mashiro sees through this and knows they did well.

On the opening ceremony day of their new college, Takagi, Mashiro and Kaya decide to look around. They see a manga club there and notice Ishizawa who’s boasting about crap. So, they’re gonna have to make an effort to avoid him in the future.

After submitting Hitman 10, Takagi kinda want it to be serialised cos of all the effort put in.

At the serialization meeting, everyone agrees they want to serialise one of Ashirogi Muto’s, but can’t decide which one. So the final decision is to publish both as one shots one after another and see how they do. The readers will decide this.

In other news, Takahama is serialised.

It seems that it was alright to just serialise Hitman 10, but people wanted to see Future Watch which is why they’re both one shots. Also both one shots are in the issues with the two new serializations, which means they’ll probably do worse. So their aim is to beat the new serializations.

Takahama gets Kato and Nakai as assistants and there, Nakai’s eyes sparkle when he sees Kato…

They rework Hitman 10 into a one shot and Miura loves it.

Niizuma is confident that Future Watch will receive more votes than Hitman 10.

The results come in and Hitman 10 is in 10th with only 101 votes. Takaham calls them and says that Miura is no good, his manga got 6th whilst elsewhere it got much higher. He tells them to just go with their own style.

The results for Future Watch comes in, but it’s only 9th.


I kinda expected Future Watch to rank ‘low’, one reason being that it was submitted without any editing from editors, and no consulting with them either. It was made purely by their story sense, not that that’s a bad thing, but if say Hattori had refined it a bit perhaps it’d have reached the top five. Any editor’s help is better than none at all, could always raise good ideas or things they can’t see.

But maybe Miura wouldn’t be a good idea, I can see that putting in a lot of jokes will steer things the wrong way. Like Business Boy Kenichi, to me, it doesn’t seem like a manga for jokes, it seemed like a serious manga to me. And you can’t really force jokes, otherwise they’ll just be so unnatural and awkward.

However I do feel sorry for Miura though, I mean, he’s just trying to help, it’s not his fault his help isn’t helping, if that makes sense… it’s his job after all of course he wouldn’t sabotage anything on purpose, and when things go wrong everyone wants someone to blame so people would point at him. Sure maybe it was him, but it might not be. Maybe the readers didn’t like it. Look at Future Watch, was all done by Ashirogi Muto yet still didn’t do that well, so can’t blame Miura for that.

Anyway wonder what’ll happen now, will Future Watch will be serialised? I don’t think anyone will be happy with a 9th place manga serialised, especially Ashirogi Muto, so maybe they’ll try another piece? I would be surprised to see Future Watch published, although maybe the higher ups will let them change editors if they do serialise Future Watch? Unlikely, but who knows. Either way, Eiji was right that future watch would be more popular than Hitman 10, his judgement is as accurate as ever.

Well, so much for beating the new serialisations, better luck next time, I wonder if Miura will change his ideals or maybe even push for more gags? But he should see some sense, Future Watch was only one position better, but was still better, and they’ve worked on Hitman 10 longer with an editor’s help, that should show Miura they can do serious without even thinking much on it and without an editor’s help. So he should play to their strengths.