The long awaited fight between Kai and Aichi will finally being!


With his underground dueling friends, Kai’s preparing for something.

Elsewhere as Aichi looks at his deck he senses someone calling to him.

Ren appears at PSY uninvited and waits for someone. As expected he’s waiting Aichi, but Kourin will have something to say about that.

Taishi leads Kamui and Misaki to where Kai is, much to his displeasure. They both came to request Kai fights Aichi to put him right. But that’s exactly why Kai is standing there at the underground dueling ‘arena’ thing. A motorbike appears as Kourin brings Aichi.

Kai will now face Aichi to show him how weak he has become. They stand their vanguards and Kai is surprisingly using Aichi’s old Royal Paladin deck.

Aichi goes first and rides Blaster Javelin. Fullbau searches Blaster Dark.

Kai is disappointed to see that Aichi now calls Blaster Dark his avatar and assures himself that he won’t make the same mistake this time.

Flashback starts, Kai’s parents died 4 years ago. He was taken by his uncle’s family and left this town. At his new school, he met Ren.

Tetsu and Ren met him one lunch and he and Tetsu fought. Kai of course won. So Tetsu and Ren invited him to join their team, Foo Fighter. Obviously they weren’t strong back then, but Kai had fun. Those days didn’t last as Ren changed and became scarily strong.

Ren built a skyscraper to be Foo Fighter’s new HQ, here the top fighters will face each other and the last ones standing will form the new Foo Fighter team. Kai refused to be a part of this and challenged Ren to a fight. He wanted Ren to see the fun they used to have. But before they could finish the match, Ren loses consciousness. Kai walks away whilst Tetsu stayed. After that he came back to this town and lived alone. He was annoyed that he couldn’t stop Ren, that he ran away.

Then he met Aichi and taught him how to play during that first fight in episode 1 and he actually enjoyed that fight.

Present day, Kai knows he can’t run or lose this time. He rides Pegasus Knight, moves Barcgal to rearguard and superior calls Flogal. He then uses Gancelot’s skill to search Blaster Blade.


No matter how much Kamui dislikes Kai, he has to come back to those who are stronger in the end. It’s a shame he or Misaki didn’t try to beat Aichi themselves, though they probably knew they couldn’t.

Yeah, of course it’s not all Kai’s fault, though quite a bit of it is. If Kai didn’t appear Aichi would never have gotten interested in Vanguard, which would’ve been a bad thing for him. So I think these two parts cancel each other out. The good, getting Aichi to be more confident in himself, the bad, making Aichi chase power so much he’s gone down the wrong route. And he didn’t exactly try not to lead Aichi down that route though, with all that you can get strong stuff followed by bitter coldness. Quite easy to see it was the very cause. I can’t help but think if only Kai made it more obvious he was going down the wrong path instead of shunning him away, it would’ve been different. Well I’m sure it’s not too late to act now.

And Kai was cold til the end. He didn’t need to say that Aichi was weak, he could’ve said something nicer like he’s strong but I’m stronger proving that you don’t need Psyqualia. He needs to remember that it was his coldness that was probably the main problem and rubbing salt in the wound doesn’t help… I mean it’s what we all expected, but still.

Well, the main focus point of this episode was Kai’s backstory. The whole parents dying moving to another school thing was pretty standard, nothing surprising there. Then meeting Ren and he became crazy which made Kai become a loner wasn’t surprising, considering how much we knew already. I was hoping it’d show us how Ren got his Psyqualia, or if he came in contact with anyone after getting it, but was just that he got it and became psycho…

Anyway, we all expect Kai to win, and I’d place my bets on the Royal Paladins when facing Dark Paladins anytime. As I said a few blogs ago, I think because they work similarly but Royal Paladins keep their monsters and have more field presence they should be better. Though that said, Shadow Paladins are good for finishing moves though as their sacrificing does boost their power more than Royal Paladin. But the crucial factor would be that it’s Kai who’s using the Royal Paladins.