The enemy Tsukishima appears, Ichigo lashes out.


As Ichigo appears, Jackie also appears and drops to the ground, unconscious. Chad at first thought Ichigo was wearing a shihakushou, but then realises it’s a full body fullbring.

Tsukishima starts to introduce himself, but Sado, fearing what he may tell Ichigo, attacks without second thought causing a huge commotion as the explosion from his attack alerts the entire neighbourhood.

Chad and Gingo land on the roof. Chad says he doesn’t want Ichigo to find out that it was Tsukishima who attacked Orihime and Ishida as they don’t know how strong and how much control he has of his fullbring. But Ichigo was right next to them and he hears the entire thing.

So when Tsukishima reappears, Ichigo lashes out recklessly. But Tsukishima is able to dodge every attack with perfect timing of his Bringer Light. Ichigo’s Bringer Light activates and he’s able to land a slight hit on Tsukishima before they both take off into the sky for an aerial battle. However, Ichigo’s fullbring is far from complete and he falls to the ground as Tsukishima takes advantage of Ichigo’s incomplete fullbring.

Ginjo comes in and intercepts a finishing blow from Tsukishima. Ichigo tries to join the fight again but Ginjo slams his face into the ground. As the two fullbringers fight, Ginjo senses something wrong as there’s no killing intent from Tsukishima at all. He jumps up for a powerful attacks and rips a whole through the building they’re on but isn’t able to damage Tsukishima at all. At that moment Ichigo jumps in, with an improved fighting style.

Most of the attacks still do nothing, until they are caught in a deadlock and Ichigo overpowers Tsukishima burning his hand slightly.

But as Ichigo is about to attack again, he is trapped somewhere as Yukio activates his fullbring, ‘Invaders Must Die’.


Firstly as expected the story’s going slowly again, this’ll probably be how I start off most Bleach blogs… but hey, can’t blame me, not much happened. A spar between Ichigo and Tsukishima in which Chad and Ginjo knew who was stronger but still watched from the sidelines with interest, then a Ginjo vs Tsukishima fight which could’ve and should’ve happened a long time ago starts now with a superior Tsukishima ending on top.

A few things don’t make sense, if Tsukishima was this much stronger why didn’t he just kill them all off already instead of waiting for them to have a chance of succeeding what they want to do?

I can understand if he wants to wait for them to obtain their goals and then kill them all like he did with the group but then why would he bother attacking in the middle of things? If he wanted to stop Ichigo he should’ve attacked much earlier when Ichigo had no chance. What is the point in dragging this out?

He should’ve attacked earlier or much later, it baffles me that he chooses now to attack. Well, I’m sure this’ll all be explained soon. He has made his move so I expect a swift progression now… ha… unlikely… this is Bleach after all. Probably won’t get anywhere until Ichigo becomes overpowered again.

I guess Tsukishima will have no choice but to either kill everyone or retreat for now. Latter seems more likely as a reason he hasn’t attacked so far could be they’re superior in numbers.

Yukio’s fullbring looks interesting. I assume we all knew it was going to have something to do with games, but from what I see it seems like being able to create alternate dimensions that looks like inside a game. So that would mean it’s similar to Riruka’s in a sense as they both put things in somewhere they designate. Meaning that Ichigo is trapped but Tsukishima can’t get to him and as I said earlier, I doubt he’ll risk fighting everyone.

I like how Ichigo found out it was Tsukishima that attacked his friends, as it was more funny than surprising. Hey let’s not tell him something means he’s probably eavesdropping. Especially when Ichigo had also disappeared alone with those two. Hmmm I wonder where he went? Followed right behind of course…

And oh yeah, like the ending pointed out, it seems everyone’s just left Jackie there. How kind of them, whilst they sit on the roof enjoying a good view of the show, Jackie’s lying there half dead…

Anyway, probably more progress in Ichigo’s fullbring next few episode probably as Tsukishima will more than likely retreat, no chance they’ll try ending the arc here by killing him off, it’s way too early.