The surprise attack goes without a hitch and the main Flame Haze army lands ready to march onto the Seireiden


Inside the Divine Gate passage, Yuji and gang are met with resistance as ‘souls’ of Flame Haze that were dragged down with Snake all that time ago stop their advance. Yuji offer them respect and draws his sword to fight.

Decarabia’s lost contact with HQ so he assumes the enemies will launch an attack soon, yet he still doesn’t know how they got through.

Shana hurries through the castle but then runs into a camel like crimson lord, his name is Uvall. Before they begin battle, Uvall calls out many reinforcements and they attack first.

Meanwhile Wilhelmina’s still running around looking for Shana and runs into a room with the Harridan. Before she gets close, Lamies appears and warns her otherwise.

Back outside, Khamshin isn’t sure what the Divine Gate is and so leaves it for now. In the mean time he’ll continue destroying other things.

Not too far away Purson and Rebecca are racing across rooftops to gain enough distance. The two stop as they feel the distance is right and begin their fight.

Lamies guides Wilhelmina to another room with a ‘map’ that shows her that Shana is safe in exchange that she does not entire a certain room or he will be forced to fight her. So now that she’s safe, Wilhelmina will now wait for the right time to strike.

Decarabia comes to a conclusion that the enemy knows their HQ’s location so it’s likely that Sophie is on her way for a surprise attack. He issues an emergency retreat to frontline forces to defend the Seireiden.

In the real world, Sophie’s near the rendezvous point and gets ready to put her plan into action. This will warn the denizens about any large scale attacks they have in mind for the future.

Rebecca and Purson play a game of hide and seek and Purson gains the upper hand. But just as he’s about to finish her off, dozens of large airplanes hover above the open hole of the Seireiden sky which Khamshin made and the Flame Haze main army descend out of them.

Suddenly Seireiden shakes and it drops from its airborne position destroying the protective layer around it and exposing itself and the Divine Gate. This gives Rebecca the perfect opportunity to attack and sends Purson flying into the abyss with a pink energy ball.

Samuel drops down first and raises a castle out of the ground with Sophie dropping on a high position to command the army. The others drop inside, ready for action.

Shana easily slices through Uvall’s clones and advances slowly towards the real one. But even still, she feels something’s wrong. Thinking back to the basics, she reminds herself that she is the Flame-Haired BlazingEyed Hunter and she is herself. With that in mind, her power escalates and she burns Uvall away with an overwhelming blaze.

After everyone finally meets up, the next step is the Divine Gate.


Well, this episode surely moved quickly. At first when it was skipping through the scenes I thought it was setting up all the battles for the future episodes like Rebecca vs Purson, Shana vs Uvall. But no, they all finished this episode. I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping to see some of these one on one fights extended out with more to see rather than just one side winning by completely overpowering the other, or winning through the other party being distracted, i.e. I wanted a more tactical one on one fight.

I thought the Seireiden would be in the crimson realm that they’d have to get to, not hidden in a pink shell in the Gobi desert… does that mean they won’t be going to the crimson realm then? I really wanted to see that place. Though Seireiden is just like their aircraft carrier sorta thing so they’ll probably retreat to the crimson realm and everyone will chase them there. I hope the crimson realm isn’t another pink egg thing in the middle of the ocean or something…

Still annoyed at where all the action disappeared too… I don’t mind strategic warfare like Romance of the Three Kingdoms. But, this is Shakugan no Shana, I expected a lot of fantasy fight I certainly haven’t got that much. So much for the huge world war as well, they barely had time to attack before having to retreat.

Sophie’s plan came to fruition too quickly, almost too easy. I mean, I can see all the preparation gone into setting up the decoys at the outlaw branches and then Khamshin and Rebecca going off on their own. But doesn’t seem like much happened.

I suppose moving on with the main story is a good thing. Now that Shana has control of her new powers, it’ll be interesting to see how she compares with Yuji now.

Also, I like Rebecca’s style, solving problems by blowing them up is the way to go.

Well with the main army and nearly no one to guard Seireiden it should be taken down pretty quickly. Fecor doesn’t seem like much of a fighting denizen so the only person left that can stand in their way is that big dimensional fish, Decarabia. I assume he’ll be pretty powerful if he can talk with the Trinity as he wishes. But Sophie is here, so I’m hoping to see her fight and Decarabia will lose. I doubt Ribesal and the others will make it back in time. Now what I’m wondering about is what they’ll do about the Divine Gate after they know what it is. Probably only a few will go to try and chase down Yuji, sending too many is rather dangerous. And also, is that path even stable enough for them to enter? I think I remember it was Hecate who was keeping it stable so without her the Flame Haze shouldn’t be able to chase Yuji down. I don’t think they’ll destroy it, Shana will stop them most likely.

Well anyway, everything happened a bit too fast for my liking. But getting to the main story of Yuji and Shana faster isn’t such a bad thing and we’ve still got a Decarabia fight to see before Seireiden will truly fall.