Being Christmas day I wanted something Christmassy, but after about 20 minutes of looking around, I gave up in the end. So I’m just going to continue on with normal proceedings.

So for this week, I will continue with another Savage Genius song, Kizuna. The second song in the Watashi wo Mitsukete single.

This one’s more Savage Genius’ main style and I used to have it as my alarm tune, so now whenever I hear the beginning of this song I always get a jolt as though waking up and then feel that morning annoyance at having to wake up…

But that aside, I very much enjoy this song. The song’s is very much a typical Savage Genius’ with the usual techno style backing and Aa’s more contrasting soft voice singing the theme. But I found her singing here lighter than some other songs. I guess to put it bluntly she doesn’t raise her voice as much. Although reading that to myself doesn’t sound right. But whatever, here’s another Savage Genius songs I enjoy more than the others.

Oddly enough I can’t find a link to the song anywhere. So the only thing I can provide is a link to where you can play the song.

Happy Holidays Everyone