Episode 12: Puzzle Time Reunion

Time to change your alarm clock

POG reviews Kaito achievements of solving the puzzles they give him. Luke suggests that they move to the next level despite a small concern from the group. Luke reminisces about the past when he and a young Kaito were together. Elsewhere, Kaito gets a rude awakening from Nonoha. At the academy, Souji and Baron comment on the progress and evolvement of Kaito and the others into becoming the children of Phi brain. Baron tells Souji of the change in management with Herbert. Souji continues that the old person is back in charge; Baron shows Souji orders from POG Japan, which shocks him. Nonoha and Kaito enter the classroom and find a drawing on the whiteboard. Nonoha is about to wipe it off, but is stop by Kaito. He figures it out it is a puzzle and solves it. After completing it he remembers it is an old puzzle that he did when he was young. Kaito is greeted by Luke, which makes Kaito very happy. Luke has come from Crossfield Academy to visit Kaito. In the headmaster’s office, Baron explains to Kaito that he has been selected as a temporary exchange student with Crossfield Academy.

Careful, he may have fleas

Kaito explains this to every one of the title holders, while Souji knows the truth about Luke. Bishop explains to Baron that the Crossfield commissioner transferred the development of the Children of Phi Brain, over Baron Pythagoras. The Title holders ask about how Kaito knows Luke. Luke explains that when Kaito’s parents died, Kaidou Baron took him into Crossfield Academy, but Kaito struggled to make friends due to him being too quick to solve puzzles. Alone in the woods he meets Luke, they sit apart. After a while, Luke is making a puzzle and sparks the interest of Kaito. After that every lunch time they would meet; Luke would make the puzzle and Kaito would solve it. Kaito and Luke are laughing with each other but the others’ mood is troubled. Later, Luke leaves and Kaito heads off to go and start packing. Nonoha is concerned that she never seen Kaito so happy. Ana wonders if they are really friends as she sees Kaito as the Blue Sun and Luke as the Red Moon. Souji and Baron comment on that Kaito and Luke; head of the POG was just a lucky coincidence, but a feasible turn of events.

Try smuggling that through customs

Kaito leaves for Crossfield Academy in England. On the flight, Kaito discovers presents from Nonoha; her sweets and from Ana; a cuddly cat toy. Cubic is also tracking Kaito by having a bug on his bag. Kaito arrives at Crossfield Academy and he and Luke walk around the place. They head to the woods and have a puzzle for nostalgia. They then head to Luke’s special ward where he spent most of his time. After, Luke suggests that they go to their special place. They head to a church; the one they go to when they were younger. Inside and underground it is reveal there is a maze. Kaito comments they tried to solve it many times, but could not reach the goal. One time they got lost and when Luke starts crying they are startled by Jin. Jin helps them get out of the maze and they watch a beautiful sunset; something that Luke has never seen before. Luke and Kaito introduce themselves and Jin introduces himself as gentleman X. After, Jin (Gentleman X) provides both Luke and Kaito puzzles to solve. He tells Kaito to look behind the puzzles and feel about person behind them. Solve the puzzles and to liberate them.

Indiana Jones, anyone?

Kaito and Luke continue the maze, they discover a new path that they never seen before. Heading up, Kaito finds some markings on the wall. He becomes suspicious that it may be a Kenja Puzzle and opts to go back. Luke feigns that he doesn’t know about them and lets Kaito explain. However, he points out that Kaito once told him that puzzles were never bad but the people behind them. Luke coerces Kaito into starting the puzzle. Kaito removes the stone slab with the markings on it. The door slams shut and Luke has disappeared. Suddenly, three saw blades descend from the ceiling and then head towards Kaito. The stone slab turns out to be the map and Kaito runs through, but the speed of the blades makes it hard as he can’t stop to think and he can’t retrace his steps. Back at the academy, Baron tells Souji that he was informed that Kaito has found another puzzle. However, it is not a Kenja puzzle but a puzzle that was heartless and banned; it was design to test a child of Phi Brain. Kaito reaches the door and finds himself in the tower as Baron calls the puzzle, “The Fool’s Puzzle”.

I wonder where Luke went. This would probably test Kaito’s resolve and when he finds out about Luke he is in for a shock. I wonder why the others were a bit apprehensive over Luke and Kaito; can’t they respect Kaito’s friendship, even though WE know that Luke is Kaito’s nemesis. Also, how can Nonoha not see that the drawing on the board was a puzzle, NOT bloody graffiti? She drops points in my book for that. For a while I started to think that Baron Kaidou and Jin was the same person as they looked the same, but checking around and researching, they are two different people. However, they both have the same aim; to help Kaito solve puzzles in order to free them. Finally, how nice was Ana’s going away gift?