Episode 13: The Towers of Parting

This anime is a Slice of Life, literally

Kaito is at the bottom of the tower as the door slams behind him trapping him inside. He then reads the inscription on the door which tells him that to ring the bell at the top of the tower and a trap of flames would appear on the ground. He then finds shattered pieces of Luke’s chess pieces (Rooks or Castles). He then heads over to the lift and ascends the tower. On going up the floor below opens and reveals a spike trap which has claimed many lives. Kaito then spots Luke on one of the floors unconscious, he is determine to go and save Luke. Meanwhile, Cubic reports to the others that Kaito is in danger. Nonoha wants everyone to go and save Kaito. Gyamon stops everyone and asks Baron to come clean about everything. Everyone boards the plane and head to Kaito’s location, Gyamon then asks for the details as they wait. Kaito arrives at the designated floor of the lift, upon exiting a spinning blade heads towards him and he dodges it. He dives into the next lift and continues upwards; heading away from Luke, however Luke is feigning he is unconscious. Kaito arrives at another floor and he dodges several blades, but he gets caught by one and is cut. He falls several floors and eventually stops himself from plummeting even further. He arrives at the floor with Luke and takes a moment to catch his breath. He wakes up Rook and he tells him he is fine.

Got a cup of tea in your pocket as well?

Rook points out that the spinning blades have been stopped and therefore the floor is safe. Luke explains to Kaito that the puzzle is to awaken the powers of the phi brain and anyone unable to solve it would die. On the plane, Souji explains that the prize of the Fool’s puzzle is for the person to get out alive. The purpose of the puzzle is give birth to the phi brain. Souji adds that the phi brain is the only one who can challenge the puzzle of the gods and obtain the god scroll. The god scroll contains the ability to control the universe. Souji goes on to tell that Ana, Cubic and Gyamon are children of the phi brain, but Kaito is the mostly likely candidate as he has the armlet of Orpheus. Luke explains this to Kaito as he bandages his arm. Kaito wishes that since they are together, he would like to meet that person as well. Luke tells him that the person is called Makata Jin and that he has seen him. He tells Kaito that he is doing well, but asks Kaito to solve the Fool’s puzzle. Kaito agrees and gives Luke Nonoha’s sweets and heads up in the lift. Luke thinks back to the past of him, Kaito and Jin. Luke promises to give Kaito a puzzle similar to the wooden one that his parents gave him. The next day, Kaito is alone standing in the rain when Jin approaches him. Kaito tells him that Luke changed schools. Jin then tells him that he is leaving and that they would meet again through puzzles.

Weepinbell had its days

Back to the present, Kaito arrives at the floor and again attacked by the spinning blades. The ground floor is then engulfed in flames, which Kaito then remembers from the door. He shouts to Luke that he is coming to save him, but Luke tells him to solve the puzzle. Kaito activates the Orpheus armband and analyses the puzzle. He realises the floor he is on has no solution but then figures it out. A spinning blade heads straight towards him and Kaito kicks it towards the lift smashing the door. He removes the door and heads up. He creates a new route by jumping off before the designated floor and then continues the proper route. Eventually he reaches the top and rings the bell. Kaito searches for the exit, but can’t find it. Just then Luke appears and reveals his true self and tells Kaito that he was behind all the Kenja puzzles. Finally, he reveals to Kaito that he is a POG Giver. Souji also tells this to the others on the plane; that Luke is a POG Giver and chief commander of the POG. Kaito tries to deny everything Luke told him. Luke tells Kaito to solve every puzzle thereafter and become Phi Brain.

A Summer's day in England, true

Luke removes Nonoha’s sweets from his pocket and steps on them in front of Kaito. Kaito can’t believe what he is hearing and eventually is overwhelmed and his eyes darken. The floor breaks away and he falls. Luke dives after him and grabs on to him. Later away from the burning tower in the pouring rain, Kaito is lying in front of the building, unconscious. Luke walks away after saving him, but vows not to do it a second time. The bug planted on Kaito begins to flash and beep as Kaito reminisces about him, Luke and Jin again. A car pulls up near an unconscious Kaito. Nonoha and Gyamon run over to Kaito.

Well the truth is finally revealed to Kaito. It must be quite shocking to find that his childhood friend happens to be the bad guy who had been feeding all the killer puzzles. At least his other friends have come to England to save him. It is quite disappointing really as Kaito accepts Luke as his friend from the past who now turns out to be the bad guy. Nonoha and the others want to be his friend but he pushes them away as he doesn’t care, but they do. Well at least he knows the truth now and so it is up to Kaito on how he would proceed with this information.