Shana rushes forwards to reunite once more with Yuji whilst Wilhelmina, Rebecca and Khamsin attempt to defeat the powerful Sabrac


As Shana and gang approach the castle, Sabrac launches into a barrage of missile attacks. They send Shana forward and the rest stay behind to face Sabrac.

Yuji and his group have nearly reached the end of their journey and Sydonay’s looking forward to going back.

Khamshin strikes early and lands a huge boulder on top of Sabrac, but he quickly recovers and counterattacks. It seems Khamshin is unable to form his golem form as the rocks here are too stable to break apart and absorb. Probably because Sabrac’s body is infused into this huge castle.

At long last, Snake has reached his body. Bel Peol opens all three of her eyes and unlocks the gate.

The battle for Seireiden isn’t going well as reinforcements arrived sooner than expected. If the other set of reinforcements get here then they’ll have nowhere to run. But Sophie knows that if they worry about their escape route they’ll have no chance of winning.

Ribesal’s being held up by Mikalojus luckily and they can’t move with the huge blizzard blowing.

Hecate releases the bonds set on Snake’s true body and he awakens. After witnessing this, Alastor bids his farewell and returns to Shana.

Wilhelmina, Khamshin and Rebecca’s plan to trap Sabrac works, and they manage to seal him, but by doing so the bridge between the two words start to break. So they stop but then trap him again and attack him with Rebecca’s spells. But what they killed was merely a ‘clone’ made by Bel Peol and Sabrac appears from behind them to slash across Rebecca’s back.

Shana sees the great Snake and launches an attack which allows her to land next to Yuji and the Flame Haze souls hold off the others. Yuji tells everyone not to attack as Shana is a guest. Confident with the strongest spell at her side that is love, Shana vows to defeat Yuji here and now and force him to listen to her.


Sabrac doesn’t disappoint, although he does talk a lot… to himself. But yes, even three on one he doesn’t fail to cause a lot of trouble and actually look like he’ll win. He is a powerful foe. Although he did get help from Bel Peol, but you can hardly blame him, he’s facing three of the most experienced and strongest Flame Haze. Two of them are now ‘down’ and the other is pretty much useless apart from throwing the odd boulder that slows him down. So I guess at least they’d be able to escape. If their objective was just to get Shana through then they’ve done it so all’s well.

If Sabrac can live through that last battle with Shana I’m sure he’ll survive this. I think he’ll be one of those left at the end just walking around after the war is over talking to himself constantly then walking away…  though that’s what I want him to do at the end. He’s too good to die, would have to be pretty convincing. And oh yeah, I loved the ‘show’ Sabrac put on at the start, wasn’t quite juggling, but was hilarious, just the seriousness of his mutterings and then you see him ‘juggling’ his swords.

Lastly it seems a bit of background story was revealed about him, I think I’m right in saying that he’s on some sort of vengeance mission? Wonder if they’ll develop it more, twould be interesting.

Seem to have gone on about Sabrac a bit, half the episode was concentrated on him, and he is one of my favourite characters. Oddly enough my favourites are Lamies, Sabrac and Hecate, it seems the antagonists make for more interesting characters for me, either that or the Flame Haze are too boring. Although after seeing Sophie fight I’m starting to like her.

Anyway, on the other side, the war’s turning against the Flame Haze, they need to quickly take Seireiden or they’ll lose. But they’re blocked on both routes, they can’t attack forwards because of the reinforcements and if they try to retreat now they’ll lose all chances they have of winning. Quite the dilemma, I wonder what Sophie’s military strategy brain will come up with. I also wonder where the Flame Haze reinforcements are, like the outlaw branches that are now not under siege anymore. Like Flieder, we only got to see him fight for a couple of minutes, where is he? Or perhaps Margery is going to drag him to help, that would be quite the reinforcements. I think Margery will be the turning point and whoever she brings with her, if any.

And lastly Snake has his real body, either that or his huge pet snake… either way, he’s got the body he came for. Shana’s the only one stopping him from wrecking havoc on the world. But I highly doubt she’ll be able to stop him there and then. I’m sure there’ll be something else that comes their way and she’ll have to retreat, or Yuji will force her to retreat. Whatever the case though, I am hoping for a good fight between the two before they have to part, yet again.