Aichi’s back to normal and Morikawa displays some unusually amazing Vanguard skills.


After coming to his senses he realises how horrible he’s been to everyone lately. But if Vanguard’s taught him anything, it’s to face things head on, so he doesn’t care what happens, he heads to Card Capital to apologise to everyone. But as soon as he gets there, he realises a shop tournament is going on. This tournament’s just for fun. And with everyone telling him to join, he doesn’t get the time to say what he wants to say.

Anyway, this tournament is for as many people as possible and the winner is the one with the most wins at the end of the day. The groups are split depending on people’s age ranges. And Kamui joins the age group of Aichi as there’s no one in the lower age group he wants to face, until he notices Emi. But he’s already made his decision to he can’t back out now. So he takes his annoyance out by winning some fights.

Taichi arrives later and looks for Morikawa. He’s turned into Ninja Master M the 2nd again but forgot his deck. So, Shin gives him a structure deck to use and he goes out to ‘call’ his disciple Morikawa to test it out… with the new deck he does surprisingly well and racks up consecutive wins.

Meanwhile, a ‘fan’ of Aichi’s asks him to help him with his deck. After helping him and looking around at everyone, Aichi remembers that Vanguard is about fun, he was too concentrated on winning and forgot what’s important.

As Morikawa’s wining continues, he even challenges Aichi and wins by drawing a lucky trigger. But the old Aichi’s back and he takes the loss with a smile.

After that he finds the opportunity to apologise and as expected as long as he’s back to normal, everyone’s happy.


Well, seems like Morikawa can actually play very well, though Aichi was probably not playing his best. But nonetheless, Moriakwa can beat people, he just can’t make a deck. If he could, he may actually be good, but I don’t think this anime’s going to let him.

Seems like gonna be a few episodes of filler as they establish Aichi back into the team and we see a few friendlier fights from the minor characters.

Nothing about storyline here, just some relaxing episodes for the interval until the finals I bet. I don’t mind it, it’s good to see some minor characters fight rather than sitting in the stands shouting random things and try contributing and then say nothing of use. As you know, I’m always a proponent of episodes in between big events to get the minor characters some screen time, can’t take them for granted.

But as you know as well, being a filler, I haven’t got much to say… and I know next episode’s a filler too, so no point in speculating anything now. However, it is a nice break for new years, as a lot of the other animes are on break. I’d prefer a filler over nothing to watch at all.

So, anyway nice to see some Morikawa development. Likely to be filler next episode but I’ll blog it anyway, just not write much… see you then.

But before I go, happy new year everyone!