The gag manga is soon complete but some troubling times are ahead.


Having completely misunderstood everything, Kaya calls Miho for help.

Elsewhere Ashirogi Muto discusses their gag magna with an overexcited Miura.

Yamahisa is still on Aoki’s manga. Her underwear drawing abilities still isn’t that good, so he tries to get her an assistant, a male one, but she refuses to trust men, especially if their specialty is drawing underwear.

Takagi needs more help with girl’s feelings so he ends up calling Aoki again, and it’s quite obvious that she’s quite fond of these conversations now. But it was only a quick question leaving her a little disappointed that they couldn’t chat longer.

Seeing as Kaya hasn’t been around lately Takagi calls her. He finds out that she knows about him meeting Iwase and before he can explain she hangs up. But he says to leave it for now as Miura’s arriving  soon. They have a quick discussion and as Miura leaves he shows another side of himself as he tells them that they must take first place.

They finish the manga on time, but just barely.

As they read through the preview of NEXT they notice that Aoki’s romance is very similar to Mashiro’s current love story. It seems that Aoki’s basically taken what Takagi told her word for word and put it into her story.

After Fukuda reads the manga, he gets annoyed that Nakai’s still taking it easy as an assistant and also that Ashirogi Muto is following their editor and doing a gag.

Eiji has praise for Ashirogi Muto but he still wishes for them to do a story manga.

Yoshida is still tricking Hiramaru with pretty girls to keep drawing…

And at the end we’re back to Takagi and Kaya’s problem of misunderstanding and it’s Azuki who calls this time. She tries to get Mashiro to talk, but when she couldn’t she hangs up, in a bad mood.


Well, I’m surprised the misunderstanding wasn’t been solved this episode. In fact it’s gotten worse as Mashiro and Azuki’s relationship has been dragged into this. Just one more episode then, I’m sure this will be sorted out by then. I don’t see how much further this can escalate without breaking any relationships. I’m sure Azuki being mad at Mashiro won’t last long, like always. What I don’t understand is why Mashiro can’t tell her the truth. The only thing it does is make everything worse. It didn’t sound convincing when you said that you didn’t know about the letter, after all the book was in your studio. He’ll come to his senses eventually and explain everything, as soon as he figures out nothing worse can happen. I mean, Azuki and Kaya leaving those two has already half happened, so it can’t go any worse. And besides they did nothing wrong, Takagi was talking with Aoki for manga related business, the proof is quite obvious in the NEXT issue as Aoki just took Mashiro’s love story word for word and meeting Iwase was a set up, I’m sure Aoki will testify to that.

I think I agree with Aoki, whoever’s good at drawing female underwear must be someone a little too strange for her liking, especially when it’s a guy. That’s a pretty weird specialty, I’m just picturing another Nakai… and Aoki’s had enough of them.

Anyway, they have the manga done, I don’t think Tanto will take first place, mainly because it’s a gag, so probably won’t have the same ‘make you want to read on’ effect as a story would. The more interesting manga would be Aoki, it is a bit too close to Mashiro and Azuki’s love story. I don’t think they’ll be able to get Aoki to change much, if anything. Twould be interesting to see Azuki reaction though.

But anyway, I’m sure they’ll sort out the relationship problems first before moving on, it is quite the thorn in the back if Mashiro and Takagi have their girlfriends to worry about on top of their manga.