As Snake of the Festival approaches the real world, everyone makes their own preparations.


The war rages on outside, the battle between Shana and Yuji is about to commence and Khamshin fights Sabrac head on one vs one.

As Khamshin breaks apart one boulder at a time his plan comes together and gathers together all the broken pieces to form into his golem. But Sabrac unleashes a devastating attack destroying the golem and with a small knife cuts Khamshin’s hand.

With Snake’s arrival imminent the areas around Seireiden are destroyed by huge natural disasters. Tremors occur all over the world and only those with power of existence are able to feel it.

The fight with Sabrac continues, even with unhealable wounds, Wilhelmina, Khamshin and Rebecca team up again to try and fight again. But still, they have no way of winning at the moment so they must wait for the situation to change.

As Shana is tied up by silver, Yuji asks if Alastor would use his powers as a threat. But he’s happy with Shana walking her own path.

The Snake destroys the island castle that Sabrac resided and Rebecca takes this chance to attack. Sabrac takes a direct hit and slowly floats away into the abyss until Bel Peol grabs a hold of his hand with a chain. But watching the Snake and overwhelmed its size he cuts off his arm and decides to watch the almighty Snake of the Festival a bit longer, taking in the great power he is in front of. And even he feels fear. He wonders if this is what a girl he used to be with felt, if this was the reason why she left him. But he realises with this great power right in front of him both he is nothing. He asks her to smile for him one more time and drifts away further and further into the abyss until he vanishes.

Sensing Snake’s arrival to be mere seconds away, Sophie makes the decision that she must destroy the Givine Gate. If Snake has revived the chances of survival of Shana, Wilhelmina, Rebecca and Khamshin are slim. With a powerful lightning kick she aims for the gate. But at the last second Fecor uses his remaining energy to conjure up his shield to block the attack and then falls to his death.

Shana breaks free from her bonds and a quick battle of swords ensue. She took an opening and manages to cut Yuji’s forehead slightly before the two hold off each other’s blade by grabbing each other’s hand in mid attack.

As they near the exit Yuji tells her to challenge him again once she’s heard his ‘Grand Order’. She agrees to that and wants a kiss to seal the vow, but the soul of a Flame haze ‘rescues’ her before she can and she rejoins Khamshin, Wilhelmina nad Rebecca as Snake breaks through the Divine Gate into the real world.


I have to say, I’m quite disappointed with this episode. Although that’s not because of the story or anything, but mainly because Sabrac died with a mere whimper. I really really wanted a big climactic finish for him, not him killing himself in such a quiet and insignificant way. I mean I don’t mind him killing himself as I see him as the type of enemy that’s so powerful one of the only way to get rid of him is suicide. But his death was so ‘tiny’, he just floated into non-existence. Obviously I didn’t want him to die, not even three of the best Flame Haze could kill him, he was too good to die. I wanted to see his full background story. I’m still wondering who that girl was and what she was to him. I’m assuming that that’s the girl he loved or something similar. If so, then, that’s pretty depressing for him, I can see why he’s so reserved and such a loner. But still, does he have to go and die like this, reminds me of the ending from Tian Long Ba Bu if anyone’s watched it.  Well anyway, Sabrac was a weird guy until the end. He was always so out of it…

Khamshin’s quite the calm fighter, he’s more of a strategist than I thought, but even though he tries, he doesn’t seem to be the smartest. He seems similar to Wilhelmina except with even less emotion, which I didn’t think was possible… but yeah, he really wasn’t clever against Sabrac. I mean, he’s been hitting Sabrac with boulders the entire fight why does he think if he made himself into a bigger boulder in the shape of a golem, that it’d change anything? Of course it wouldn’t, and then he was cut with that tiny knife as though Sabrac was toying with him, mocking him. And I rather enjoyed that.

Also on another note, every episode I’ve downloaded so far, have always been badly pixelated. Is there only one source or something? Anyone found better quality videos?

So then, the next big part of the battle will begin. Yuji will declare this Grand Order next episode probably and I’m assuming that’s when all the other Flame Haze are gonna arrive as back up for this final part of the war. We’ll see if Decarabia and Fecor’s sacrifice was worth it. What I still wanna know is what Lamies is up to, he appeared that one time to stop Wilhelmina and not again. But I’m sure he’s part of a much bigger plan, and I for one am still very much looking forward to that.