Episode 14: The Right to Friendship

For the last time, I am not wash your back!!!

Kaito is rushed to hospital, Souji phones Baron and explains the situation; Kaito is unconscious, but has suffered no physical damage, therefore it is a matter of time for him to wake up. Kaito is placed in a room as Nonoha, Ana, Cubic and Gyamon watch over him. After Gyamon starts calling Kaito a moron for him befriending Luke; who happens to be with POG and also the boss. Ana tells him that Kaito didn’t know at the time. Cubic agrees with Gyamon, explaining that he shouldn’t have left for England, he then storms out of the room. Gyamon gets angry and kicks a bin. Souji asks Baron Kaidou for advice, he tells him not to do anything rash and they should tread lightly. Cubic is angrily walking up the corridor and becomes lost. He is about to head back when he hears an odd ECG beep. He listens and figures it out to be morse code. He deciphers it to be a message for him to come. Cubic dons his lab coat and leaves the hospital on his robot. Bishop reports to Luke that he sent the message to Cubic, but wonders why. Luke tells him that he wants to separate Kaito’s friends so that Kaito would take the Kenja puzzles seriously. Nonoha explains to Ana that she felt that Kaito internal clock stopped when his friend left him and when he saw him again, she knew she was right. Ana gives Nonoha a hug as Nonoha tells him that she doesn’t understand how Kaito could be friends with someone bad.

Come on now, time for your bed bath...

Cubic arrives at the destination; an abandoned military base. He heads in and goes towards the hangar. Cubic enters the hangar and the doors slam shut, sealing him in. Funga greets him and calls him a fool for showing up. Cubic demands that he wants to challenge Rook to avenge Kaito. Funga wants Cubic to relay a message to the others to leave Kaito as they are holding him back. Cubic still stands that he is Kaito’s friend. Funga then reveals the puzzle for Cubic. Cubic leaves his robot and heads to the monitor. Funga explains the puzzle; a number puzzle made by Rook for him. Funga begins the timer and Cubic begins the puzzle. Going through the rules in his head he then sets to work to solve the puzzle. Meanwhile, Kaito wakes up and sees everyone; Nonoha is relieved and gives him a hug; which hurts him due to his injuries. Kaito thinks back to the tower, he snaps and jumps out of bed to pursue Rook. Gyamon jumps in front of him and stops him, highlighting that he almost died. They exchange pleasantries before Gyamon carries him back to bed. In bed Kaito looks over at his broken puzzle and feels angry.

Who's a moron, put your hand up

Cubic continues the puzzle on the first monitor; boasting that he is better than Rook. However, he runs out of time. On the monitor above shows a dormant tank start up and fires it cannon close to the hangar where Cubic is. Funga explains that at the final puzzle the tanks would come closer and attack. Funga adds that the 2nd monitor puzzle had already started and Cubic rushes over to solve the puzzle. However, he runs out of time and the tank fires again. Kaito explains his feelings to Nonoha. Nonoha decides to leave Kaito alone for a while and they all leave his room. Outside, Gyamon tries to reassure Nonoha, but she turns around and tells them that they would plan a “get well soon Kaito” party. Ana agrees with the idea and counts herself in, leaving a bewildered Gyamon. Cubic is unable to solve the 3rd monitor and the tank fires again. He rushes to the 4th monitor and proceeds to solve the puzzle. Again he is unable to solve it in time and the tank fires, but this time a lot closer. Funga then takes his leave as the 5th monitor puzzle begins. Cubic wonders what he should do and realises that if Kaito were here, he would stand and fight. Cubic runs to the final puzzle and starts solving it, which combines the other four puzzles.

If you're my doctors, I'm leaving

He continues to solve the puzzle and hits the last key. Cubic clenches waiting for the tank to attack but nothing happens. He opens his eyes to see he has cleared the puzzle with a millisecond to spare (0.001) and he starts laughing. The door opens and Funga congratulates Cubic that he defeated Rook, but the younger Rook. He adds that Rook created the puzzle when he was five, which shock Cubic. Back at the hospital Nonoha, Ana and Gyamon try to cheer up Kaito, but he doesn’t seem amused. Cubic then walks in and sees Kaito awake. Nonoha and Ana try to get Cubic to join in the party to cheer up Kaito. However, Cubic feels dishearten and leaves to get a drink for everyone else; ignoring the others attempts to stop him. Nonoha turns to Gyamon to do something and ends up with a rubbish attempt which gets him assaulted by Nonoha for trying hard enough as Cubic sits outside looking sad.

I can see Cubic’s determination in this episode to help Kaito out and to proof that he is his friend. However, Cubic doesn’t realise how smart Rook is compared to him. In essence, he too smart for him and that why he feels sad at the end, I think as Rook is on a different level. At least we got to see Cubic have a try at a Kenja puzzle, even though it was not a puzzle for Kaito or the Phi Brain, but a puzzle to try and separate him from his friends.  It was a bit ‘Hollywood’ for the ending of the puzzle ending on 0.001 seconds which is a bit too far-fetch for my liking. Hopefully, we would get to see Ana attempt a puzzle like this and then probably it would be Gyamon as well. The real target I figure would be Nonoha and the real fearful thing is that she is no genius, so I wonder how this would pan out for them.