With my first exam in two days and my mind full of finance I was a little stuck for what to go for, so I thought about a few of my favourite pastimes and Wei Qi (or Go), came to mind. This of course would lead me to Hikaru no Go something I watched quite a while ago and it’s only natural that I landed on the opening of this anime. So, for my SOTW this week, it’s Get Over by Dream, the first opening to Hikaru no Go.

If you were wondering, the other pastime I was thinking about was Mahjong, but the only anime I can think of are The Legend of Koizumi and Saki. I don’t remember The Legend of Koizumi having an OP and Saki’s OP didn’t leave a lasting impression, so maybe another time.

Oddly enough my interest in Go stretches back to when I was three when my parents put me in a Go class, but back then, as you can imagine, I didn’t have a clue. But now that I’m older I have more time to learn and play, even if the majority of the time it’s against AI.

Hikaru no Go appeared in weekly shounen jump around the turn of the millennium and was a success in Japan and ‘revitalised’ if you will, Go in Japan, especially for youngsters. So if you have any interest in this ancient game of strategy then give this anime a try, I highly recommend it, even if you only know of Go by name.

And that’s my SOTW for this week, time to revise again. I think there will be some delays for my blog next week, but, I’m sure KY will fill in for me with his blogs.