OP: I`ll Be There for You” by Ichiko

Episode 1: Louise of the Holy Kingdom

He works fast

Louise, Saito and Siesta are in the same bed together. Louise is woken up by Saito’s sleep talking, which eventually ends up commenting on her flat-chest and when Siesta rolls over, with her breasts touching Saito, Louise blows them up off the bed. Tabitha steps in to guard Saito. However, he still makes a comment that blows him out of the room. Professor Colbert greets Saito and explains that he came to tell them that they are going on a trip on the Ostland; the Queen Henrietta has ordered them to Romalia. Later Louise, Saito, Siesta, the Undine Knights, Tiffania etc are on the Ostland heading to Romalia, however Tiffania is concerned by her being summoned as well. Upon arriving they are greeted by Julio. Julio asks his subordinate to take them to the guest house, but asks Saito, Louise and Tiffania to come with him.

A bit OTT

They are then taken by coach, to the largest Cathedral. Inside they meet Queen Henrietta. Soon after they are join by a man in a robe. Everyone bows down except Saito, who is then forced down by Louise. The man in the robe introduces himself as Vittorio Serevare, who is the current Pope of Romalia, and holding the title of ‘St. Aegis the 32nd (Bit of a mouth full – wait until I give the others’ full names later). Vittorio tells Louise that he knows that she is a void mage. He then goes on to tell Tiffania that she is also a void mage. In addition to this shocking news, he tells them that he is also a void mage and that Julio is his Familiar. Queen Henrietta informs them that it is the 3rd anniversary of Vittorio’s ascent and they are having a celebration. Vittorio wants Louise and Tiffania to be his Shrine maidens to pray with him. She adds that this would hopefully attract the attention of the 4th user of void magic; Joseph the King of Gallia, who is Tabitha’s Uncle and who murdered her father and made her mother insane. Vittorio wants to show Joseph that the void mages have joined forces to save Halkeginia.

He is a bit odd

Vittorio goes on to say that he wants the void mages together as he predicts that an unfortunate event is coming and that it is up to the void mages to save the world. Queen Henrietta tells them that they should take some time to consider the Pope’s wishes. However Louise speaks up and tells them she accepts to become a shrine maiden. Meanwhile, the Undine Knights are eating and drinking in the local inn. On the next table, a group of shifty people comment on the noise. One of the people, Jacque gets up and leaves with the other three to get ready, leaving their fourth companion; Damian. Later that night, Saito tells Louise that she jump too quickly to answer the Pope. He tells her that her actions put Tiffania on the spot; as she would be still trying to get to terms with her being a void mage. Louise gets angry and yells at Saito. In the end, she suggests that he should become Tiffania’s familiar and shouts at him to leave, which he does.

Would you like it gift-wrap?

Elsewhere, Tiffania is meeting with Henrietta. Henrietta gives her a ring which was passed down through the generations and Tiffania is the last of the bloodline. Louise is on the balcony when she spots two shifty people running through the darkness. Tiffania is walking down a hallway and meets Prof. Colbert. She asks him to teach her how to summon a familiar. Saito has gone to rant about Louise to Siesta. However, Siesta knocks some sense into Saito and he runs off to talk to Louise. Meanwhile, Jacque and his accomplice have broken into a room and have stolen the mirror of the founders. Louise had followed them, but in an attempt to stop them she gets caught. However, she manages to scream for help in which Saito hears and run to help. He fights with Jacques, who passes the mirror to his companion to escape with it.

Nice soft landing

Jacque summons several stone knights to deal with Saito, but he dispatches them quickly and then fights with Jacque. Meanwhile, below Prof. Colbert is teaching Tiffania the summoning spell. Jacque creates a ball of stone and fires at Saito. Winded, Saito strikes his sword down into the roof. Jacque is about to deliver a final blow, when Louise fires an explosion spell which sends Jacque flying off the roof, whilst Saito has anchored himself via his sword, but ends up falling off the roof. He falls just as Tiffania opens up a portal. Prof. Colbert sees this and saves Saito with a levitation spell. The next morning, Jacque is captured and taken into custody. Saito tells Louise that she should depend on him if she wants to save the world. They kiss just as Tiffania walks out on to the balcony. Embarrassed Louise and Saito start arguing again, whilst Tiffania starts having feelings for Saito.

Louise the void returns in the final season to the series. Not a bad episode to start off with, odd that Siesta now sleeps with Saito and Louise, which was quite bizarre. Now the group has the Ostland; a flying ship, which was built in secret, I hope they get use it a bit more this season. Now that Tiffania has found out that she is avoid user, I wonder what she is going to do for a familiar. Finally, I wonder who that sinister group is and the mirror of the founders that they stole. Not much here to discuss in my opinion, hopefully would find more to talk about in the next episode. Anyway, sorry for the delay getting this out but had an upcoming event that required my attention.


Additional: Here are those annoying, long-winded names:

Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere

Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst

Montmorency Margarita la Fere de Montmorency

Charlotte Helene Orléans de Gallia (Tabitha)

Agnes Chevalier du Milan