Ayatsuji Tsukasa: Story Arc

Episode 2: Ayatsuji Tsukasa – Part 2: Showdown

Fear the finger and me

Tsukasa catches Junichi kissing Noriko. Junichi tries to deny everything, but Tsukasa grabs him by the tie and drags him away. Noriko apologises for Junichi but Tsukasa gives her an evil glare before leaving. Tsukasa drags Junichi into a shed, Junichi continues to apologise but Tsukasa walks up to him, grabs him by the tie and kisses him. After a moment she lets him go and tells him that she is not angry because he nearly kissed Noriko but the fact that he fallen into a simple trick. She explains that the plan was to discredit Tsukasa in order for Noriko to win the presidential election. She tells him not to fall to another trick again and to swear an oath not to kiss anyone but her. He swears an oath to love only Tsukasa and to kiss only her. He then asks for one more kiss from her.

Their list of demands

The next day, Junichi is walking to school when he is greeted by Rihoko; who is full of energy. She thinks that Junichi is tired because of today being the speeches of the presidential candidates and that he was named by two people to serve as vice-president. Rihoko asks him for an increase in the club budget when he becomes vice-president but he tells her to get more members first. Later, the class present Tsukasa with a sash that has motivational messages on it; an idea made by Junichi. This makes Tsukasa happy. After, the assembly of the speeches starts. Sae is the first to give her speech, with Miya giving support from the assembly. Back stage Junichi and Tsukasa wait to go on. Sae finishes and it is Tsukasa’s turn. She gives Junichi a hug and he wishes her luck as she heads for the stage. The candidates give a motivational speech and then later the assembly votes on who they want as council president.


Much later, the school waits for the results of the election. Junichi is nervous but Tsukasa tells him that she will accept the result from the hard work they put in. Just then, the results are posted on the notice board as everyone holds their breath for the result. Later, it is announced that Tsukasa has been voted as the council president. They were surprised that Tsukasa won by a landslide, with Sae 2nd, Noriko 3rd and Hanazono last. Tsukasa hopes that she can work hard and get re-elected next term. Elsewhere, Miya celebrates with Sae at a karaoke shop. However, Sae is sad. Miya explains that the idea was for Sae to overcome her shyness. Ai agrees with Miya’s statement and they all celebrate, with Miya adding that Sae should run for election again, which shocks Sae. Back at school, Noriko’s classmates console her, Noriko smirks and vows to win next time and to steal Junichi away from Tsukasa.

Where is the dog?

Tsukasa and Junichi are walking home. Tsukasa thanks Junichi for his hard work and rewards him with a day off studying. However, she promises that she would work him hard tomorrow. Just then a stray dog runs towards them. Junichi quickly thinks that he should protect Tsukasa and he runs down the embankment with the dog chasing after him. Tsukasa shouts to him to watch out but he ends up running into the river. Later, Junichi is in the bath wondering what happened. Earlier Tsukasa drags him to her home so that he can dry his clothes as he may catch a cold. He thinks that his dream the other day would come true as he hears Tsukasa undressing. She then enters the bathroom; however she is wearing her swimming costume. She offers to wash his back and orders him out, but he gets out too quickly and reveals everything to Tsukasa, which she response by screaming and slapping him.

Tsukasa uses an ice lolly

After, Tsukasa washes his back. She then thanks him for everything and the times that he helped her out. She then asks him to work hard so that they can go to the same university. Also she asks him to keep his promise and the oath that he won’t kiss anyone but her. He agrees and they both kiss. Months later, the seniors graduate. Everyone has gone up a year. Announcement is given that the budget meeting is about to begin. Tsukasa is with Junichi and she tells him that have to go. Junichi wants to stay with her a bit longer and talk. However they have work so she helps him up and both the vice-president and president head to the meeting together.

That was the end of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa story arc. That is much shorter than the first season’s arcs. Junichi almost messed things up with Tsukasa, by falling for clearly the oldest trick in the book. However, at least Tsukasa was strong and quick thinking that she had got to him and explained. It must of been a relieve that she knew that Noriko was scheming something. At least that they were still together. Also Noriko didn’t turn up again after shouting out the window, so obviously she didn’t get Junichi again. So the story pans out that Junichi and Tsukasa would be at their memory tree 10 years later… with one addition… So that is the story of my favourite female character from this series and now from the preview, the next girl’s story is Rihoko’s, which I remembered  Junichi and Rihoko never got anywhere in confessing, so I am hoping this story arc would hopefully complete it.