First match of Q4 vs Caesar is Gai vs Kamui.


When it comes to popularity, Kamui’s already lost. But the match begins and the crowd is drowned out.

We skip a few turns and catch up with the fight at 4-4 Gai’s turn. He calls Cosmo Beak and uses counterblast, cost of 2 to power up his vanguard, Daiyusha by 4k power. Because it has 14k power, it gains an extra damage. He then calls Cosmo Roar. His other frontline rear guard another Daiyusha attacks first dealing 1 damage. His vanguard is guarded by perfect defence but the drive trigger check gives 2 critical triggers who he gives to Cosmo Beak. But Kamui’s able to guard with two 10k defence units surviving the turn. 4-5.

Kamui calls Tough Boy behind Death Metal and attacks. He uses Death Metal’s skill to add 3k power at the cost of 1. The attack gets through. Death Army Lady attacks next but is guarded. Kamui’s vanguard Top Gun now attacks and gains 4k power because it gains 1k power for each tapped unit. Gai guards with a 10k defense and gets past the vanguard attack, but Kamui gets a stand trigger and attacks again for the win.

Next up is Misaki vs Yuri.

Misaki goes first and uses Ichibyoshi’s skill but doesn’t manage to ride Crescent Moon, so instead she rides Dark Cat and uses its skill so both players draw. Yuri rides Enigma Ripple and with Enigma Flow she searches Enigma Wave. She then calls Magical Police Quilt and attacks dealing 1 damage. Quilt’s ability activates letting her discard 1 and draw 1. 1-0.

Misaki rides Half moon Tsukuyomi and calls Battle Maiden Tagitsuhime. They both attack and deal 2 damage. 1-2.

Yuri rides Enigma Wave and calls 2 Super Dimensional Robo, Dailady to the frontline and 1 Cosmo Roar.

And with that the episode ends.


I’m rather surprised that they skipped half of Kamui’s fight. It is the semi finals, you’d think all of these fights from now on are gonna be important and they would show us the entire fight. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a full Gai fight, and the anime just skipped our only opportunity, so far anyway. I’m quite unhappy about that, I’m sure many of you will agree.

Well, at least we’ll see a full Misaki fight. But she’s off to a bad start having missed the chance to get Crescent Moon. But because Kamui won, I doubt she’ll win. Taking 2 wins in a row against Caesar isn’t gonna happen, or rather, I don’t see it happening. If it was the other way round, i.e. Kamui lost, then it’d be more unpredictable as then I’d think Misaki would win, but the chances of her losing then is more than her winning now.

Well who’d knew Yuri was quite the fighter. She’s a completely different person when on the ‘battlefield’. I didn’t see that coming, but I quite like her this way, adds a bit of fire into Team Caesar that ironically the ‘Gladiator’ and the ‘Emperor’ both lack.

I think pretty much every episode will be as lacking of story development as this episode for a while. But hopefully get to enjoy some full fights. As I said, I can see Misaki losing in the next episode and we did see Aichi putting on his ‘dueling gloves’ so the chances of him dueling a third mandatory match if Misaki had won is unlikely. Therefore, it’s very likely Misaki loses. I will be very surprised if she manages to win, not that I mind if it did happen.