Trouble in paradise continue affecting Ashirogi Muto’s manga skills.


Mashiro quickly calls back Azuki and apologises but still is unable to tell her anything and instead gets annoyed that she can’t trust him. So he hangs up.

Takagi’s worried about them and decides to end these idea exchanges with Aoki but hearing her enthusiasm on the phone again he fails to tell her he wants to stop. In the end Mashiro gives up and will wait it out. Takagi is still worried though.

After hearing Mashiro and Azuki had a fight, Kaya also gets worried, blaming herself for this.

On results day of NEXT they are happy to hear that Tanto won 1st first. In his happy mood, Mashiro decides to tell Azuki about 1st place.

At the editorial department, they’re going to try and push Nakai with Aoki again as it was partly the art’s fault that her manga came second.

After texting Azuki about the results, Mashiro hears no reply. But Aoki calls to congratulate them, it seems she’s quite happy with second place, although maybe for the wrong reasons. Yamahisa then calls her about Nakai and so she decides to talk to him herself.

Nakai has one condition for working with him and that is to date him. This results in a slap from Aoki and he walks off, pretty pleased and arrogant with himself.

With Azuki still not replying, Mashiro’s concentration is slipping away fast. So Takagi decides to do the right thing and calls Kaya. She starts with a mouthful about how Takagi’s going off with Iwase and Aoki. Takagi stops her talking and then explains everything. To make it up to her, Takagi tells her to meet at the zoo later, to explain everything properly and for a date.

As he arrives he coincidently meets Aoki, who in her state of depression, comes onto Takagi a bit. He turns around only to find a shocked Kaya. She runs for it and Takagi and Aoki chase. When they couldn’t catch up, Takagi shouts out that he’ll marry her stopping her dead.

They finally explain everything and it seems Takagi is serious about marriage. Aoki fully supports them. With that sorted out, they invite Azuki along for a drink and finally everything is cleared up.


As I thought, they’d have to clear this entire misunderstanding up first. It did indeed affect Takagi and Mashiro’s thoughts as they drew the new manga, and why wouldn’t it? This whole thing could’ve been easily avoided if they just told them everything. I’m with Azuki on this, if they’ve done nothing wrong then that’s not to tell? But I have to say, the two are quite a match for each other, especially in terms of stubbornness. In which case I say a fight or two is fine, as long as it doesn’t go too far. Though I guess when it does, there’s always friends to help break their stubbornness, luckily for them Takagi and Kaya came to the rescue this time, although they kinda started it.

So in the end they weren’t able to get Aoki to change anything, expected as much. I’m not even sure if they tried, it was a little late to change much anyway, seeing as the preview issues were already out.

The other big event that this episode brought out was Takagi and Kaya’s marriage. I did think it was a desperate attempt to clear everything up, but I believe Takagi when he says he’s serious. Would keep their romance in check and further their relationship, not sure this is the best time, but they did take 1st in NEXT, so marry on a high I guess. Before this new gag manga come tumbling down. You can tell they won’t have this manga as a serious rank competing manga, so, just gonna have to wait until their next manga.

Also, I don’t like the ‘route’ they’re taking with Nakai. He was a nice guy, who had a pure heart and worked hard. But now they just made him in an arrogant, pitiful, disgusting monster. I liked the old Nakai, hope he comes back…

Okay, I’ll leave it at that, I’m feeling ill and I got an exam in the morning. So, get an early night, hopefully feel better in the morning.