ED: “Kiss Shite Agenai” by Rie Kugimiya

Episode 2: The Priestess of Aquileia

She clearly has let one off

Louise and Saito are walking around Aquileia’s bazaar. Louise is excited whilst Saito is not and he thinks back to Louise stating that she would protect the world. Louise finds a model of a mansion pretty. Saito buys it for her and vows to protect Louise, no matter what. Meanwhile the Undine Knights are in a boat going down a river, Guiche gives everyone a motivational speech about protecting the celebrations, but actually they are on just crowd control. In another boat Kirche is hugging Professor Colbert, with the other girls Montmorency, Siesta, Tabitha and Tiffania. Meanwhile, Queen Henrietta and Agnes meet with Vittorio and Julio. They discuss about the security of the celebrations, which Julio has holy knights deployed and has setup magic detections spells throughout the city. However, Agnes shows concern over what happened when the group Elemental Siblings stole the founder’s mirror and fears that the people that hire them maybe conspiring. Whilst leaving, Queen Henrietta is concerned that Vittorio was not affected by the incident and considers that he was expecting it.


That night, Saito returns to the inn that they are staying. Tiffania has an emotional response to seeing Saito and thinks that she summoned him during the spell that night. Saito enters the room and finds Louise in her shrine maiden’s outfit. He becomes overcome in awe and pushes Louise on to the bed and tells her that she looks like a cute lemon and makes her say that she is a little lemon. When she does, he is ecstatic, but they are interrupted by a bang on the wall from next door. It is Malicorn who tells them that the walls are very thin and that he heard Saito call Louise “Little Lemon”. This makes Louise scream and blasts Saito with her wand. Elsewhere, Vidalshal creates a third fire orb, just as Joseph and Sheffield arrive. Joseph asks Vidalshal how much land an orb can set alight. He shocked that the orbs would be used as a weapon and wants no part in Joseph’s crimes. Joseph turns to Sheffield and asks if the preparations are in order. She replies that they have the mirror and ready to get the final piece of their plan.

Soft Landing!!!

The first day of the celebrations is under way. Tiffania and Louise are praying with Vittorio, whilst Saito and Queen Henrietta watch. Outside the Undine Knights struggle to keep the crowd under control. The girls are in a cafe when Montmorency spots Guiche escorting a young lady pass the window, which makes her jealous. Saito walks down the corridor and spots Louise talking to the other shrine maidens. She tells him to go on to the common room and she continues talking. Saito enters the room and finds Tiffania. Tiffania wants to know if Saito is her familiar and asks him to kiss her. He is surprise and tries to back away. Outside, Malicorn and Montmorency head to the common room and open the door. They are shocked to find Tiffania on top of Saito. Tiffania gets upset and flees the room; Saito tries to follow but is stopped by Malicorn. Louise is greeted by a girl who tells her that she works on her family’s land. Louise goes with her as the girl explains that she and her mother came to visit but her mother had taken ill from exhaustion and would like Louise to visit her as a shrine maiden.

What happens if she slips?

Meanwhile, Saito is told that Louise left with a girl, so Saito goes off to find her. Outside Saito searches for Louise but is attacked by Doudou. They fight with Doudou dispatching two guards. Meanwhile, Louise meets the girl’s mother, but it is nothing more than decoy and Louise’s hand is sliced. The girl then introduces herself as Jeanette and that she is repaying her for what she did to her brother Jacque. Suddenly Louise is unable to move. Jeanette explains that she has poisoned her and that her body is paralysed. Sheffield appears and sends Jeanette off. Sheffield tells Louise that she going to meet the great master and then she passes out. Back with Saito, he is still fighting with Doudou. Jeanette calls Doudou and he retreats to the rooftop with her. Jeanette tells Saito that Louise has been kidnapped and now has left the city. They then leave and Saito runs to the edge of the city and shouts her name to no avail, he is then joined by Agnes.

That demon is using binoculars!?!

Back in the throne room, Agnes presents the head garment that she believes that belonged to Louise, which she found in an alleyway. They are then joined by Tabitha who comments that it is the work of Gallia. She explains that she use to be a part of the group of the Elemental siblings that they are now mercenaries for hire and that they work for one person, Joseph. Saito wants to go and save Louise, even though she may have gone over the border into Gallia. They are then interrupted by messenger who approaches Vittorio. Vittorio then addresses the others and tells them that a fleet has been spotted on the border from Gallia, which means they intend to invade Aquileia. On one of the ships, Louise wakes up and is greeted by Joseph and tells her that he plans to use her magic and combine it with an elven spell. Louise silently pleads for Saito to save her.

Now it has happened, Louise has now got herself caught. A bit naive in my opinion, but then again I don’t think she could have seen that anyway. I really enjoyed the scene with the lemon, I believe this has something to do with Saito’s memory from the real world and it is a character from an anime he watches. Now I wonder what they are going to do, now that Gallia are planning to invade and Joseph is planning something sinister with Louise. Also Tiffania is not sure whether Saito is her familiar or not. It is hard to decide at the moment as he did fall thorough the portal, but then again he is still Louise’s familiar anyway. Maybe we will find out soon enough.