Episode 15: Blue Sun, Red Moon

Gyamon is smashing

Kaito is lying in his hospital bed and thinks about what Rook said to him in the tower which angers him. Suddenly, some people burst into the room and set off some bangers. Kaito goes down and the lights go on. It is Nonoha and the others who congratulate him for being discharged from hospital. Nonoha decides to play a game to cheer up Kaito, but Gyamon objects which gets him strangled by Nonoha. They play the game and eventually it comes to Kaito’s turn and ends up answering Rook, which shocks Nonoha. Nonoha takes her turn again and ends up smashing Gyamon on the back of the head. She immediately ends the game and turns to Cubic to produce something for Kaito. However, Cubic feels that his talents are nothing as he thinks about what Funga said to him. Gyamon suspects that POG did something to him and sees Cubic face change. Kaito sees this and questions Cubic on what they have done to him. He tells him they did nothing, but he could see Cubic shaking which shocks Kaito. Kaito gets up and puts on his coat and leaves, telling them that he is going to beat up Rook. Ana sees the two of them; Kaito as the blue sun and Rook as the red moon, but wonders how they met in the first place.

Thank God he didn't paint her naked

Kaito goes to the facility whether Rook was held in the past, with Nonoha following him. Inside they find the room where Rook was staying in, which is like a jail cell. Kaito finds that he needs to solve a puzzle before he can get into the room. Kaito quickly solves the lock and they head inside. Kaito opens the curtains and reveals the room Rook lived in ten years ago. Kaito finds a book on the floor and opens it up to find several puzzles showing drawn figures in fatal situations, which shocks them both. Outside Kaito finds the escape route they took when they were younger and now feels as though his memories of him were a lie. That evening in the hotel, Ana is painting whilst talking to Nonoha. Nonoha feels that the memories for Kaito hurt him. Ana tells her that the memories would never fade away, in a very cryptic way. That night, Kaito thinks about the past again, about Rook promising him a wooden puzzle that he would make and give it to him, to keep with him. Nonoha then enter his room and asks if Ana is with him. Nonoha explains that he is not at the hotel and adds that she told him about the ruins that Kaito went to.

She looks A"Maze"ing

At the ruins, the POG Giver Maze waits as Ana arrives. Maze is on the phone to headquarters telling them that she expects Ana (Da Vinci) to arrive soon, but is give a fright as Ana appears behind her; adding that she barely sent the invite, therefore wonders on how she knew where to come. In their room, Gyamon opens up a letter address to Ana and finds a piece of paper with puzzles on it. Maze starts to explain the choices to Ana, but he isn’t paying any attention to her and Maze becomes furious. Meanwhile, Kaito and Nonoha go to where Ana is; The Great Henge. Kaito explains that the Stonehenge was a tool for astronomy, but the purpose of the Great Henge is unknown. One day, Jin told him that the Great Henge was in fact an ancient puzzle. Kaito and Rook would sneak out at night to try and solve it. Maze explains to Ana not to get too close as the rocks would fall and crush her, making her scream and it being a horrible way to die for a girl. Ana then points out that he in fact is a boy which shocks Maze into the ‘trap’. Anyway Maze continues to explain the rules; Ana must follow the correct path through the Great Henge. However, Ana still is not listening as he begins to see the path. Maze is about to offer a hint, but Ana heads in. Maze gets angry that Ana didn’t stay to get the hint; she then gives Ana a time limit of 5 minutes. Kaito and Nonoha arrive at the Great Henge and they see Ana walking through casually. Kaito goes to help him, but is stopped by Maze. She tells him that if he interferes, the stones would fall; crushing Ana. Ana starts to skip through the puzzle and is called by Kaito. Ana spots him, but Maze stops him from leaving as he would be crushed. Ana reassures them as she figured out the puzzle already.

Lovely View

The Stonehenge focuses on the sun; therefore the Great Henge must focus on the moon. Kaito see it the stones are arranged in a crescent shape and following that path would solve the puzzle. Ana completes the puzzle, which surprises Maze. Cubic and Gyamon arrive after solving the invitation. Gyamon goes solve the puzzle, but finds Ana already solved it. Cubic sends his robot into save Ana, ignoring the warnings from Kaito. The robot takes the wrong path and sends the stones falling. As the dust settles, Ana is ok after standing on the finish plate. The fallen stones reveal the Great Henge to be in a crescent shape. Ana dusts down himself and finds something on the floor. Ana exits the ruins and gives Kaito the object he found, telling him it was calling him. Kaito is shock to find it was the puzzle that Rook promised to give him long ago. Back then, Rook and Kaito weren’t able to solve the puzzle. They decide to come every day to try and solve it. Rook is about to give Kaito something, but they are caught by the researchers. Kaito narrates that was the last time he saw Rook. Ana tells him that Rook never lied to him and that he liked him during that time. Rook who was watching is shocked find the puzzle he promised Kaito was found, as he thought he lost it when he struggled to get away from the researchers, who dragged him back to the facility. The five of them then watch the sunrise as Kaito clutches the wooden puzzle from Rook.

This was actually a good episode and seeing Ana approaching a killer puzzle was hilarious. It was nice to see a POG giver go mad; ticked off by Ana’s spacing out. Ana was quite smart for him to solve the puzzle very quickly and the result sparked a change in Rook and his feelings towards Kaito. I have been to the Stonehenge personally and I think it wasn’t all that brilliant. It is just some rocks arranged in a circle; most of the stones are a health hazard and probably now it is closed off, I don’t know; haven’t been for a while. I wish that Kaito would of put a bit more effort in trying to stop Cubic from playing hero and diving in with his robot to save Ana, which could of killed him. At least Ana wasn’t fazed by the puzzle, like Cubic was in the last one. Therefore, Ana is a stronger character than Cubic is, but just a little odd in the head.