A few more classmates are introduced and the mysteries of Misaki keep growing.


A guy in class draws a lemon in the style of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch, he is Yūya Mochizuki and later he talks to Koichi about how he likes to feel uneasy. At that time another guy Teshigawara comes by and let slip about class three being cursed. But before he could say more, Koichi notices Misaki in a class alone and enters. She’s drawing a girl by the looks of it and will give her wings at the end. Koichi asks about her eye patch but she doesn’t tell. The librarian, a messy haired researcher like guy whose name is Chibiki comes to shoo him away to class.

At home, Koichi tells his aunt that he’d love to go to a fine arts school to study carving and sculpting. Even though it’s very likely he’ll fail, his aunt tells him to try it out at least.

He later heads to the hospital and asks one of the workers there if there were any deaths when he was at the hospital. After that he asks if she knows anything about a girl in a school uniform with an eye patch. She then remembers something about a young patient dying so says she’ll try and dig up some more information and call him.

Izumi catches Koichi before he heads home one day and asks again about if he’s been to Yomiyama before. It seems Koichi was born in Yomiyama hospital and her mum died then. He moved to Tokyo straight after and rarely came back. She wants to know because she’s been having this odd feeling that they’ve met. She also wants to know because she’s in charge of protecting the class. From what, we don’t get to find out as before she could tell him anything he sees Misaki and runs after her.

He gives up after losing her at a fork in the road. He finds some shop and as he looks inside the window all he sees are dolls. His phone rings and he jumps. It’s Mizuno, the worker at the hospital. She tells him that there was a high school girl who died when he was there. She’s not sure about the name as she heard it from someone else, it was Misaki or Masaki, or something like that, but then the phone call cuts out.

Not sure what he’s doing, he walks into the shop and is welcomed in by a creepy looking woman. This is a doll shop, but what’s on sale isn’t something a person at his age can afford, but she allows him to take his time looking around as she doesn’t get any other customers anyway.

As he heads into the basement, he sees that Misaki is also there. She doesnt dislike these things hence why she’s here. After a short chat about dolls she asks him if he wants to see what’s under her eye patch and smiles rather darkly. She slowly takes it off and the episode ends.


Yep, the episode would obviously have to end at the perfect cliffhanger moment. What I predict we’ll see is a fake eye, specifically a doll’s eye. And that would be why she was in the hospital, to get the fake eye fitted. Or would that be too predictable? Well my creative brain won’t be working until I finish my exams… so I’ll leave my speculation at this.

Seeing as Misaki’s always drawing something and we were just introduced to the art club, I think it’s safe to say that the art club has something to do with everything. That Yuya guy is a little odd. Who draws a lemon in the style of the scream? Sure it’s art and all, but that’s still pretty creepy.

Also, that librarian guy reminds me of some guy from ef, I can’t remember the name, but you might know who I’m thinking off if you’ve watched ef. Very vague I know… but I really can’t remember more, then again he probably reminds a lot of you of other characters… but yeah…

So we still don’t know what this entire thing at school that Koichi is completely unaware of is because every time they try to tell him anything Misaki appears. Quite the coincidence if you ask me, either that or she doesn’t want him to know anything. Even though she said not to get involved with her. Even still, he’s a bit dense if he can’t read the atmosphere. They’re about to tell you something really really important that would probably explain a lot of things yet you always run off. Is it too much to ask to stay still for 1 more minute and catch up with Misaki then. You see her everyday anyway, there’s no need to be after her every second.

So, a rather slow start to this anime. Not much development in the second episode about what’s going on. Seems to introduce a few more characters and drag out the mystery a bit to keep us watching. Pretty typical of a story so far, won’t be able to speculate more until more is revealed, but overall rather interesting, their tactic of not revealing anything yet is keeping me watching so far anyway.