Yuri vs Misaki comes to a close. Was it the expected result?


Yuri uses Cosmo Roar’s ability to add 2k power to Enigman Wave. Misaki knows that if Dailady’s attack hits she can add 3k power to another unit and if Enigman Wave, currently at 12k power, reaches above 14k it’ll gain a skill which allows a draw if its attack is successful. So with that in mind Misaki guards against both Dailady attacks. But after all that Enigman Wave’s trigger check is a critical one and deals 2 damage. Quilt’s ability activates letting her discard 1 and draw 1. 3-2.

Misaki rides Amaterasu, soul charges and checks the top card of her deck. No trigger yet, meaning that most of her non trigger cards should be on the bottom of her deck meaning there’s more chance for a trigger. She attacks with Tagitsuhime first to take out 1 Dailady and Amaterasu with a critical trigger deals 2 damage. 3-4.

Yuri rides Enigman Rain and uses Cosmo Roar’s ability to increase its power to 12k and calls 2 others. Dailady attacks Tagitsuhime so that Misaki can’t intercept. Miracle Beauty attacks Amaterasu and deals 1 damage. Knowing Enigman Rain’s ability to uptap a rear guard if its attack succeeds, Misaki guards with 2 units at 10k and 5k defence. With no trigger, Misaki gets through. 4-4.

Misaki uses Amaterasu and confirms the next card to be a critical trigger and so leaves it on top of the deck. She calls 3 units and soul charges so that Ichibiyoshi, Crescent and Half Moon Tsukuyomis are in soul meaning her rearguard Full Moon Tsukuyomi attacks with 11k power. She takes down Dailady and then Amaterasu attacks. Yuri guards with two 10k defense units totalling 30k power. Amaterasu is at 16k power and she only has 1 card in her hand so the only way to get past the defense would be to draw a draw trigger after the critical trigger to be able to use Amaterasu’s ability to power it a further 4k. But chances are low and it would be a waste of a critical trigger. So she gives the effects to Tsukuyomi, but she draws a draw trigger next. She gives the effect to Tsukuyomi and attacks, but Yuri guards with 3 5k defense units and survives the turn.

Yuri criticises Misaki’s safe way of dueling and will show her the way she duels going all out as the cards will respond to her. She calls another Miracle Beauty. Her first Miracle beauty deals 1 damage and then Enigman Rain attacks but is guarded. However, with the power of her will she’s able to draw a stand trigger and untaps Miracle Beauty to attack again for the win.

And the final match to decide who will face AL4 beings as Aichi stands Wingal Brave, and Kenji stands Enigman Flow. Kenji goes first and rides Enigma Ripple. He uses Flow’s ability and searches for Wave.

Aichi rides Marron, moves Wingal back and calls Barcgal which superior calls Flogal. Flogal and Marron deal 2 damage. 0-2.

Kenji rides Enigma Wave and calls Masked Police, Grander. Wave and Grander attack dealing 2 damage. 2-2.

Aichi superior calls Llew with Barcgal’s skill and then counterblast, at the cost of 1 put Barcgal, Flogal and Llew into soul to superior call Blaster Blade. He then calls 4 other units filling his field. Pongal’s skill activates, at the cost of 1, soulcharge it and add Soul Saver Dragon to hand. With that, Aichi’s plan is complete. But of course, Kenji sees right through him.


That was a nice battle of sheer willpower against the more realistic probability strategy. Unfortunately willpower doesn’t work in the real world. However, I do agree with Yuri in that Misaki should’ve played a little more reckless than usual and took that chance to win. It was probably difficult to win with another attack as Yuri had a lot of cards left in her hand so Misaki should’ve taken the chance. As Yuri said, when the chance to win comes begging, just give it a shot. Although that said, I guess it’d be different when you’re in that situation and probably 6 or 7 times out of 10, I’d have done what Misaki did. I play very cautiously. It’s hard to suddenly change your overall strategy in those kind of situations. After all, you do draw on probability, no matter how much Yuri will deny it…

So as predicted Yuri didn’t lose. Sometimes in a lot of shows, not just anime, once you see someone, you know they won’t lose ‘normally’. Like all the really ‘big’ villains won’t lose until the protagonist beats them. That sorta thing. They just have this feeling, like Marik in the original series, in that duel against Joey even though he was that close to losing, you knew it wouldn’t happen. My point is that I got that feeling from Yuri, I guess you could say she was too ‘fiery’ to lose. Other factors like Aichi needs to play were there as well of course.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Aichi use this deck. And from the looks of his first card, it seems he’s changed it a bit. But his overall strategy of a Soul Saver spam hasn’t. At least it looks that way so far, however we don’t know for sure. This could be his trap, not sure he can think like that, but you never know. He could easily have matured into a proper strategic thinker with the help of his Psyqualia. Speaking of Psyqualia, I think I saw him activate it during this fight, I’m not against that as I do want to see how this reborn Aichi will harness the powers that he holds.

After this duel, which Aichi will most likely win, AL4 is next. It’s pretty obvious who’ll win to me anyway. Misaki has a point to prove against Asaka, so she’ll probably put everything she’s learnt to use and beat Asaka. Tetsu’s got that ‘unbeatable feel’ too so he’ll most likely win against Kamui and then lastly Aichi will beat Ren and that’ll probably be the first season finished. That’s my prediction for the end of this season.