Snake revives and gives a declaration that sends the flame haze into utter chaos.


After witnessing their God’s rebirth, Fecor dies in a burst of flames.

With that, Snake declares the final stage in his Grand Order. In the rift between the worlds, he will create Xanadu, a new world that’ll exist solely for crimson denizens.

He had originally wanted to create it in the real world but was banished by the Flame Haze so he found the perfect place to put it, the very place where he was banished. He will create a complete new world with life a complete copy of this world with an endless supply of power of existence.

With that declaration the morale of his troops skyrocket deciding the battle. Without a chance of winning, the flame haze can only withdraw, but that’s going to be difficult. Sophie has a plan, that is to gather as many troops as possible to Tendou-kyu and withdraw from there. Tendou-kyu is in the east so Samuel’s squad needs to hold off the pursuers from the west for this withdrawal.

Rebecca and Khamshin are to be there rear guard whilst Shana and Wilhelmina, after a change of clothes, will go help Samuel.

Rofocale is the name of that random bard who was with the Trinity and Yuji. We still don’t know who he is or why he was with them. Bel Peol explains that Bal Masque was made for the purpose of reviving Snake as they learnt their lesson from their first defeat of a lack of numbers.

Shana and Wilhelmina clear out a huge number of denizens boosting Samuel’s troops’ morale. But this was a trap as the attacking denizens fall back and a barrage of artillery fire rains upon them. However with Samuel’s ability to add others’ power to his structures, he gathers everyone and is able to block the attack. Artillery fire has also started where Rebecca and Khamshin are, but they’re able to hold it off.

Yuji talks again and asks why the Flame Haze stops him. If he’s able to create this paradise for denizens the world would finally have peace and the battles will stop. He guarantees that the creation of this world within the rift will not affect the other worlds. He has refined his creation plans whilst in the rift so he knows this for a fact. He will also call upon all other denizens with him. Once they go to this paradise, they will never return bringing peace to this world.

With that powerful speech, Yuji has not only won the war, but has also destroyed the reason for Flame Haze to exist. The Flame Haze throw down their weapons and run in a frenzy of panic, easily killed by the denizen onslaught.


Looks like the Flame Haze army is pretty much dismantled now. Battle lost, morale destroyed, reason for existence gone, what next? Pretty much nothing, is what most of them are thinking now. But even so, your existence may mean nothing anymore, but is that a reason to throw your life away? Do you really want to give up that easily? Wouldn’t a peaceful life better than a painful death? Giving up now and running around like headless chickens will pretty much get everyone killed, not just you, so think about it. But I guess when your morale is that low, it’s so much easier to just give in.

Though I have to say, Yuji and Snake’s ideals are very appealing. I can see why Yuji was so taken in. If his plan to create Xanadu is as good as it sounds then I don’t see why we shouldn’t allow him. If there’s a permanent place for all these denizens they wouldn’t need to bother humans anymore. No more ‘deaths’, no more disturbances, no more fighting, world peace is always worth it. I think his last plan for Xanadu involved harming the real world, but apparently he’s refined the plan so that it doesn’t harm the world. I want to hear more though, this is a ‘God’ talking after all, I believe he can make it happen.

I still wonder what that random bard guy was there for. We know his name is Rofocale now, he was pretty much a bard… just ‘singing’ random profound lines, not much apart from that. I thought he’d be some sort of powerful crimson lord, but he didn’t do anything. And is it just me or was he walking away from Seireiden when we saw him this episode? I really hope he wasn’t someone just placed there for fun, although that would be rather funny.

And also, it’s good to see Lamies again, as always I want to know what his purpose is. I always thought he was neutral as he only wants to complete his own thing. Which of course we still don’t know, so I’m looking forward to that.

Waiting for Margery to arrive, and Centerhill will have to take action soon, twill be good when that happens. When there’s that kind of a gap in power, you don’t really need all of the lesser ‘troops’ really. This isn’t like normal warfare. A few strong people should be easily enough to wipe out an army, so it’s fine if their army breaks up now as long as the stronger ones are still able to fight.