With Nakai out of the picture who else will help Aoki? And there’s going to be a surprise addition to the manga world.


Yamahisa finds about Aoki slapping Nakai so he’s still needs to find someone to draw for Aoki.

Also it’s decided that Takagi will marry Kaya as soon as they are serialised. Aoki comes by to apologise and tell them about the Nakai ordeal.

Fukuda also hears about it and decides to call Nakai but when he hangs up without picking up, Fukuda decides to go meet Nakai personally.

After going through everyone, Kaya lands on Ishizawa as someone who can help Aoki draw what she needs. Even though Takagi and Mashiro disagree Aoki says she’d like to meet him. Being the arrogant person he is, Ishizawa agrees to meet up. So, Takagi, Aoki and Kaya go.

Fukuda calls Mashiro later and asks for Takahama’s address as he wants to drag Nakai back into work with Aoki again.

As expected, Ishizawa was probably the worst idea.

Elsewhere Fukuda barges into Takahama’s house to confront Nakai. He says that it’s because he chose Kato over Aoki so he didn’t draw for her. This enrages Fukuda and he punches Nakai into the ground. But after hearing his actual reason for being here which is basically to be with Kato, Fukuda leaves in disgust. After that he gets a call from Mashiro and rushes to Aoki just in time to smash Ishizawa’s face into a nearby bush as he tries to convince her to work with him. Fukuda then says that he’ll teach her how to draw what she needs and she surprisingly agrees.

An old friend of Hattori’s called Taninaka calls him whilst having Iwase’s book on hand. Iwase comes by the editorial department later and it seems she wants to write manga so she can compete with Takagi. The manuscripts she brought are too novel like. So after making sure she’s serious about this, Hattori asks her to redo it and teaches her how to write a name.

Ashirogi Muto’s drawing out 3 chapters for the next serialisation meeting and Tanto is pretty much definitely going to be serialised.

The training from Fukuda to Aoki has started and as expected, he’s as ruthless as ever. But thanks to that, her manga’s becoming more shounen and she’s going to submit it for the next serialisation meeting. Hearing about this, Ashirogi Muto are more fired up.

After comments for the names are given out, Miura and Yamahisa are rather surprised.


An interesting cliffhanger, the only reason why they’d be surprised can only be if the comments are bad or extremely good. I somehow doubt the latter so I’m gonna go with that they received some surprising negative comments. Which to be honest you’d expect for Ashirogi Muto’s sudden change to gag, but not sure why Aoki’s improvement in shounen drawings would receive negative comments so maybe it’s extremely good comments there? Well whatever the case, I just hope it’ll be interesting and actually surprising.

As much as I like Fukuda’s extremely proactive attitude towards his rivals and friends, maybe he was doing more harm than good this time. I’m talking about the Nakai incident of course. All he did was go in, punch the guy, become disgusted, then come back out with nothing accomplished. I was expecting some more shouting to try and drag Nakai out of the hole he’s in, but he seemed to have given up too quickly, either that or he just saw the hopelessness that is Nakai and gave up. Ah well, at least he balanced out that failure with the success of helping out Aoki. Still he should’ve realised Nakai was a lost cause by the way he’s been acting, guess he had to try do something. His hand’s gonna itch all day if he didn’t hit Nakai once probably.

Interesting that Iwase’s entering the manga world. Knowing her she’ll easily be approved, with that kind of dedication to do something she dislikes just to compete against Takagi it’s obvious she’ll make it work. The only problem is obviously the art, she’s an author not an artist. So this means that she’ll have to find an artist, it’ll either be someone we already know, like from Team Fukuda, or they’ll introduce a new character. For this part it’s a little difficult to speculate if you’ve already read the manga as it’s hard to think who else it could be. So I’m not going to say more on this.

Well anyway, what we’re focusing on now is Ashirogi and Aoki’s new manga. The side stuff will probably wait until these two are serialised. I’m assuming they’re serialised as they wouldn’t have gone through this much just to be rejected at the last minute by bad comments or something.