The tide of the battle turns against Aichi and the addictive powers of Psyqualia comes calling.


Still Aichi’s turn so he attacks with Knight of Friendship, Kay but is guarded. Blaster Blade’s attack goes through and lastly Knight of Loyalty Bedivere is guarded. 2-3.

Kenji rides Enigman Storm and calls three others. Masked Police Grander attacks Bedivere and Enigman Shine attacks Kay thereby decreasing the amount of units Soul Saver Dragon’s ability can power up. Enigman Storm attacks dealing 1 damage and draws a stand trigger so Enigman Shine stands and deals a second damage. 4-3.

Knowing that Soul Saver Dragon’s ability is weakened Aichi’s not sure what to do and then Psyqualia calls to him. But he refuses that power fearing he may be addicted again and so he will fight on his own. Even with a lower amount of monsters he still rides Soul Saver Dragon and calls 2 others. Palamedes attacks first but is intercepted. Soul Saver dragon deals 1 damage and lastly Gordon is guarded. 4-4.

Kenji goes all out and uses 2 abilities to add power to Enigman Storm so that it’s above 15k meaning it gains 1 more crit. He then calls 2 others to fill his field. He attacks with Enigman Storm first to destroy Gordon with the trigger checks he draws a stand so he stands the rearguard behind Enigman Storm and then with Commander Laurel’s skill he taps 4 rearguards so that his vanguard stands and can attack again. With 33k power Aichi has no choice but to throw out his entire hand to guard with 3 5k and 1 10k defence units. And with no triggers, Aichi just manages to pull through. Even so, Kenji has 2 perfect guards in his hand and an intercept and Aichi has no cards in his hand and lacking 1 frontline unit.

But Aichi hasn’t lost yet. He rides Alfred Early which superior calls Blaster Blade from soul who activates its ability, counterblast 2 and destroys Kenji’s intercept unit. Palamedes attacks first and deals 1 damage. Alfred Early attacks and Kenji uses 1 of his 2 perfect defense but with twin drive Aichi draws a stand trigger. Palamedes stands and 5k power goes to Blaster Blade. Knowing he can’t survive 2 more attacks Kenji declares no guard and will leave the fate of the match in the hands of the trigger check. As the final damage is dealt by Blaster Blade, no trigger comes and Kenji loses.

Ultra rare reflects on the match and says that Psyqualia’s true meaning will be known once the two Psyqualia users Ren and Aichi finally clash the next day.


As everyone, or at least the majority, predicted, Aichi won and they advance and he did it without Psyqualia so I was wrong thinking that he could control it. However I do want him to use Psyqualia, why waste such a power when it’s right there? I’m sure if he gets enough practice and gains enough willpower he can work it to his advantage and use it without descending into a lunatic drunk on power. They’ve made it that Psyqualia’s this evil addictive drug, but I’m sure abilities depend on the user.

So last stretch now, AL4 vs Q4. I’m sticking by the line up and win and loses that I said last episode. Apart from that there’s nothing much more I can say. I will be able to comment on the fights more once I’ve played more. Hopefully not too long before this TCG is released in the EU, and I hope it catches on too.