Everyone’s resolve is tested before they can begin any counterattack.


We start with a short scene as Pheles obtains something that will help her achieve her goal.
Margery drives Wilhelmina, Shana, Chiara and Saare to Hong Kong international airport where they meet up with Sophie, Rebecca and Khamshin.
So they got owned, but Sophie, with no plan whatsoever, isn’t that depressed about it.

Shana has another plan involving the scroll of secrets that Wilhelmina obtained from Lamies. She says that in the distant future the denizens in their new world will still cause havoc. But Sophie asks her to think of the other Flame Haze first. Many of them fight for vengeance, so it’d be wrong to ask them to fight for a world, especially if it’s not even theirs.

Before any plans, they should make sure that they themselves are willing to fight. HQ hasn’t given any updates so they will likely be alone for the next battle. They have a chartered flight in a few hours so in that time they will decide whether to fight or not.

As Wilhelmina overlooks some planes she is surprised at Shana’s resolve that she was thinking of the next move straight after their defeat. This resolve is because of Sakai Yuji.

After coming out of that coma, Margery is definitely going to be in this fight and Keisaku will follow her into it.

Khamshin and Rebecca are also up for this fight. Khamshin believes that if Shana’s plan will work, then they should go for it.

Chiara believes that Shana’s plan will be best for everyone so she will join in too. Saare is apparently an artificial Flame Haze and seeing as his creator is in this fight he will join too.

Dantalion is working hard to move Seireiden out before Outlaw has a chance to plan a counterattack. Yuji has another declaration that he will begin the ceremony for Xanadu in Japan, and for that he will need help from Lamies.

Shana and Sophie walk around Hong Kong for a bit and take some time to relax and eat melon bread. Time is up soon and Sophie will need to head back to HQ. However if she does go they will probably put all blame on her and she will be stripped off her command. But she is prepared for that as a leader.

Shana returns and is happy to find everyone there.

Elsewhere a few unnamed people are resting talking about Snake’s Xanadu when a postman comes and a sandstorm starts brewing.

With everything decided Shana and gang head to America to call on the help of the other three Gods whilst Sophie heads to HQ in Zurich and Seireiden moves and heads for Misaki City.


Odd thought to start off with but I’ve been to Hong Kong international airport and I don’t remember some of the shops the anime showed. Although that was quite a few years ago, 3 years I believe, so maybe it’s changed. My stay in the airport was longer than my stay in the city. Think it was during the year of swine flu so I just hurried to Shen Zhen where my relatives were and didn’t stop long.

Also, I’d just like to comment on Khamshin speech quirk, you know, the ‘ah’ he puts at the start of every sentence. I can see that it’s probably something the author put to identify him by and to give him character or something, but that’s a weird quirk. Sounds like he’s sighing every time he talks as though he’s fed up about talking. Which to be honest being thousands of years old I don’t blame him. Trying to find maybe even a half logical reason for his weird habit as every time I hear it I sigh as well now…

Hmm they wonder how Sophie’s still smiling, well if the leader looks downhearted after a loss that’ll probably hurt morale even more. Someone’s gotta stay strong, and if it’s only one person that person should definitely be the leader.

I’m still not getting why Shana’s refusing to let Snake and Yuji create Xanadu. Why would there be no balance? If snake creates the world then locks it off from the other two worlds, what doesn’t balance? I suppose there will be those who want to escape but I want to trust Snake to stop those who try. You won’t know until you try.

Anyway, I didn’t get the point of this episode. Well apart from that it’s just a relaxing episode before the start of the next plot. This episode asked for everyone’s resolve, and it was pretty obvious everyone would fight to the end, why would they be there otherwise. The only thing that was interesting this episode was Pheles. She was at the start and end, I’m assuming that’s her at the end considering there was a sandstorm. I completely forgot what she was after so… some enlightening on that would be nice to save me from rewatching the other two seasons or searching for it online. My time is quite limited. And last thing, I highly doubt they’ll change leaders and get rid of Sophie. I mean, who else do they have? It’d also be demoralising to have their leader suddenly out of commission. I’m sure Sophie’s been in charge for a long time, there’s no reason to get rid of her after one loss. As the Chinese saying goes ‘Sheng bai nai bing jia chang shi’.

On a very last note, yes I have dropped bleach. Just started first week of my second semester and already found myself a little busy. Got right down to looking at what I need for my project. Really wanna get this going asap. 4 blogs is probably all I can handle for a while. Hopefully it won’t get any less…