A few surprise comments and serialisation hopes for Ashirogi Muto are up in the air.


It seems Tanto’s been given negative comments and Aoki’s has been good comments. So Miura’s a little worried.

Back at Ashirogi studio, Takagi is practicing meeting Kaya’s father for his marriage proposal.

At Takahama studio he reveals that Business Boy Kenichi could be cancelled at the next meeting.

And so, on serialization day, Aoki, Takahama and Ashirogi all wait anxiously for a call.

First phone call comes and Aoki is serialised. She requests only female assistants.

Second phone call and Business Boy Kenichi will be cancelled in 4 chapters.

And last phone call, Ashirogi Muto’s Tanto didn’t get serialised meaning the marriage is postponed.

Nakai is rejected by Kato and is rejected by Aoki to be her assistant, so he packs up, leaves town and quits manga. Mashiro tries to stop him calls everyone to help, but without any resolve himself, Nakai can’t be helped. They all come to see him off as no amount of words could turn him around.

At their next meeting with Miura, Ashirogi Muto is told that their manga lost its impact after the one shot. As they go through ideas to spice it up such as bringing in an evil inventor Miura’s phone rings and the editor in chief has Takahama’s who’s here to see Miura. The editor in chief also asks him to bring Ashirog Muto up to see him as well.

It seems that Takahama wants to change editors because Miura doesn’t let him draw what he wants. The editor in chief states that that’s because he has no talent. If what he wanted to draw was a good shonen manga then it would be fine. He also says that if you don’t agree with the editor then draw something to make him agree. Those manga are the ‘real’ deal. So he refuses to change his editor but he will end his contract if he still wants to part with Miura. After that exchange Ashirogi Muto also reconsiders putting all the blame on the editor.

Seeing as Iwase is Takagi’s rival Hattori wants someone who can draw the art to match Mashiro’s. And he’s chosen Niizuma Eiji. With some sly tactics he easily gets Eiji to agree to draw. To get past the fact that he may be drawing 2 manga, they’ll have him draw it under another pen name and only reveal the truth if it’s serialised.

Thinking about his personal gain in this Yujiro agrees with the plan.


Well, who’d knew Hattori was the strategist. And he’s doing all this thinking of the magazine and the authors. That’s a great editor for ya, not like Yujiro who thinks about his personal gain after getting caught up in this. He’s only in this because he’s Eiji’s editor. If anything he shouldn’t get any credit, he was against it, he played no part in this. Just another opportunist. But either way, I’m sure we can expect good things from the Iwase and Eiji team.

So the surprises turned out to be half a surprise then. In the sense that Ashirogi Muto getting negative comments is the surprise and but Aoki getting good comments really isn’t a surprise. Although as I did point out last episode I kinda expected this anyway seeing as they’re the only ‘surprise’ comments you could get.

If you looked at this a few episodes ago you’d think Tanto has no chance of getting serialised, but now after all the hype I think most expected Tanto’s serialisation especially when they mentioned Aoki and someone else. But it wasn’t meant to be. Still, after the Takahama incident I don’t think they’ll give up on Tanto that easily. Which annoyingly does mean we’ll need to sit through this Tanto arc a while longer.

Aoki’s serialised again with a proper shounen manga this time complete with ecchi stuff. She’s also getting a lot of female assistants. Not sure if that’ll help her problem of not trusting guys though. Should’ve at least got one guy, it’s a shounen manga, can’t have only female opinion. That’s what caused the problem in the first place.  Although I guess Fukuda will still be there to help out if need be.

The other big news is Nakai quitting. With his kind of skill he should be able to take an assistant job anywhere. There’s no reason for him to quit like this. Especially if it’s because of problems in his love life, that’s the same as running away. Well, if he gives up now I doubt he’ll come back. With his arrogant attitude it was natural that he’d fail, I suppose he could come back a changed man after thinking everything through. He seemed like he learnt his lesson at the end so I don’t see why it can’t happen. Of course he could easily leave for good. Well if he changes and becomes the person who was willing to draw in the freezing cold for his passion, then I welcome him back. If he doesn’t change then he may as well stay gone.

Still got that serialisation to do first then. Hmmm I wonder if they’ll get Iwase serialised first. That would be a good push for Ashirogi Muto to get theirs out there too. Either way, we’re not gonna move on until Tanto gets serialised. So it’ll be a little dull for a while.

[Mini spoiler] The only good thing for me this arc was Takagi and Kaya’s marriage. Even though I remember it only being a few pages of a chapter and not even a proper ceremony, that shows how dull this arc was. Oh well, as I’ve said before, I’m always for trying new things so can’t blame them for trying gag.