Going deeper into the curse and Koichi’s still clueless.


News of Sakuragi’s death spreads around school fast and her mother also died on the same day. People say it’s the curse of class 3 that once it starts at least one person will die every month, anyone who are the students themselves or related to the students are at risk.

Koichi’s back at the hospital about his lung again and Sanae checks up on him. She’s heard about the death as her brother’s in his class. After Koichi finishes they go have lunch together.

Sanae tells him that his brother’s scared of something, but doesn’t know what. Koichi knows nothing either. He then tells her about Misaki and how everyone in class seems to see her as nonexistent. He tells her about the story of 26 years ago so she decides to ask her brother about it and tell him anything she finds out.

Afterwards he meets up with a classmate named Ayano who seems to be skipping school. She’s in the drama club with Izumi. A sudden strong wind blows and a sheet of glass they were next to started to fall. Koichi jumped quickly and managed to move himself and Ayano out of the way. Seeing the jagged pieces of shattered glass on the ground, Ayano screams that she doesn’t want to die.

Koichi heads back to the doll shop and is greeted by the shopkeeper who repeats what she told him yesterday as though she’d never seen him before. He walks downstairs and meets Misaki again. Seems that she only goes to school when she can be bothered. She says the students in class three are now terrified of that story, but still doesn’t tell Koichi anymore and also she’ll avoid going to school the next day as Koichi’s going.

Koichi asks her aunt more about this curse as he finds out she used to be in the same class. But it was 15 years ago so she doesn’t remember anything.

Everyone talks about the curse at school and it seems that Koichi broke some sort of rule hence why the ‘accidental’ deaths have started now.

Koichi meets with Izumi and Teshigawara at lunch but since the situation has changed Teshigawara can’t tell him anything. Sanae calls and want to check something related to the existence of Misaki Mei. She talked with her brother who refused to talk about the event 26 years ago or the death, however when the name Misaki Mei came up his attitude changed and was insistent that there’s no such girl. At that moment she gets into the elevator and the phone signal deteriorates. As it goes down the floors the old cable holding the elevator snaps and it crashes to the basement killing Sanae in the process.


Now things are getting more interesting. Second death, by elevator accident, which is much more believable. That hospital does look very old and of course that elevator would be old as well, and looked it too. Although perhaps I am looking into realism a bit too much here, this is supposedly a curse I suppose. But I like to see if logical explanations will work too, after all, that’s what everyone wants isn’t it? Whenever we see something we don’t understand we always try to find some logical explanation first. Saying something’s a curse or magic or whatever is usually the very last resort when everything possible and probable are out the window.

Koichi still doesn’t know about this weird curse then. And he says it’s that no one will tell him. Well he’s only about half right, it’s true that no one will tell him now but that’s because they’re already deep into the curse and they think it’s best for him not to know. Before this it wasn’t because they wouldn’t tell him it’s because he kept running off when they were about to tell him. But I do wonder why they can’t tell him about it now. As far as I’m aware, and probably you’re aware as well, that this curse started because he broke some rules. So why don’t they tell him so he doesn’t break more rules? He is very much mixed up in it now having been in contact with the 2 dead right before they died. So what possible harm can it bring if they tell him? I’m assuming there’s more to this curse than just breaking the rules, otherwise they would have told him.

Also, about that glass incident, would that really be able to kill you? I mean sure a sheet of glass falling from a high place could easily kill you especially with the shards. But that sheet of glass was not from a high place, it was right next to them. Considering what happened so far I suppose I can see why Ayano was terrified, but even still Koichi’s reaction made it worse. There was no need to jump out of the way, wouldn’t your first reaction be to put your hand out to stop it from falling? This is glass, it’s not going to break from one touch, you’d think it’d be sturdy enough to withstand a hand. I’m sure a lot of glass these days should be able to withstand a fall from that distance anyway, maybe a few cracks, but not shatter completely. It was falling at a really slow pace that you could watch for a few seconds. Koichi definitely overreacted by jumping out of the way.

Also, because that store lady repeated what she said the day before, I think she’s a puppet programmed to say the exact same thing, or something similar. I mean she can’t really have the excuse of forgetting him seeing as he’s apparently the only customer.

About her aunt, could it be that his mum died during the curse but he was still successfully born and that’s why her aunt’s feigning ignorance on the matter. Or at least I think she’s feigning ignorance. Although I don’t know her aunt’s age so not sure if the age will match up, unless his mum gave birth very young. But either way I think his mum’s death is tied in this somehow.

On another note, I love Misaki’s voice, it’s rather realistically low, compared to the usual squeaky high school girls you get in other animes.

So, we now know about this curse that will supposedly result in deaths of students in class 3 or relatives. It’s an interesting curse and I’d love to hear the reason for this. I don’t see how it ties to that Misaki story 26 years ago. They pretended that she was alive and even gave her a graduation, you’d think the ghost of that girl appearing in the gradutation photo was happy by the way she was smiling. So she couldn’t have laid a curse on the class, so what happened? Oh and another thing, if this classroom was cursed and there’s been deaths before why hasn’t the school closed? Even if the deaths were accidents wouldn’t parents worry about the safety of the school and withdraw their kids? Any death will give a school a bad image. Although I doubt they’ll ever explain that, it is the setting after all, even if it’s a little unrealistic.