Kai decides to right his wrong and challenges Ren before the final match.


Regretting having ran away, Kai thinks he is now strong enough to right his wrong and makes his way to Foo Fighter’s HQ to meet Ren.

Ren is angry that Kai deserted him and with his new powers he wanted revenge and crushed all opposition to get stronger. He thanks Kai as it was his hatred for him that made his powers grow and it made winning the national tournament a breeze.

So the only way to bring him back is by defeating him and Kai gets ready to face him.

Before they start, the audience gathers in the form of Tetsu, Asaka, Ultra-rare and Aichi.

Vanguards stand and Kai takes first turn. He rides Bahr and moves Conroe to rearguard. Ren rides Blaster Javelin and calls Gururubau. He attacks twice and deals 2 damage. 2-0.

Kai rides Nehalem and calls Burning Horn Dragon to front line and Aermo behind Nehalem. Burning Horn destroys Gururubau and Nehalem deals 1 damage, Ren gets a draw trigger. 2-1.

Ren rides Blaster Dark and calls Donnerschlag and Nemain to front line and Charon behind Nemain. Donnerschlag is guarded by Bahr. Blaster Dark attacks with a critical trigger dealing 2 damage but Kai draws a heal trigger. Nemain is guarded. 3-1.

Kai rides Dragonic Overlord and calls Berserk Dragon to frontline activating counterblast 2 and retiring Charon. Berserk Dragon destroys Nemain and Overlord attacks with a critical trigger dealing 2 damage. Burning Horn deals another damage but Ren draws a heal trigger. 3-3.

Ren rides Phantom Blaster Dragon and calls Fatalita to the frontline and Charon behind Fatalita and Apocalypse behind Phantom Dragon. Donnerschlag is guarded, Phantom deals 1 damage and he and Kai draw Draw triggers. Fatalita attacks last and is guarded. 4-3

Kai draws the card that will be the trump card to beat Ren and crossrides Dragonic Overlord The End saying that he will bring Ren back with this card.


An interesting interlude before the final match. There’s not that much to say on it to be honest. I mean it’s nice to have a rather unexpected fight to ‘spice things up’ before the end, but I don’t think it was needed, yet in any case, and seems almost like a filler. But of course it isn’t and I’m rather interested in the outcome of this match. As I’ve said previously Ren doesn’t seem the ‘losing’ type, unless it’s to the protagonist, so I don’t think he’ll lose to Kai. But this is Kai we’re talking about, I can’t see him losing either especially after all that ‘I can beat Psyqualia’ stuff.

So that said, I’m quite interested to see how this turns out. I think that there’s more chance of Ren winning than Kai as he is the main antagonist and Kai isn’t the main protagonist. But maybe there’ll be another event like their last fight and they don’t finish. Maybe something like Ren refusing to do a final turn as he wants Kai to watch Aichi be crushed by him first? Something like that perhaps. Just to stop their fight as I really can’t see a loser out of this. However I will be interested in seeing how the loser reacts if there is one.

Also there was actually one other interesting thing I noticed. In one of the scenes of Ren’s flashback, there was a kid who stood out amongst the crowd, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about, rewatch it if not.  I was thinking he could be this ‘him’ ultra rare keeps talking about. Would make sense to finally glimpse him near the end of this season as I’m assuming he’ll either be revealed at the very end of this season or near the start of the next season as, most likely, the ‘big bad guy’. That’s my guess anyway.