This SOTW came at a good time as I got 2 job interviews coming up in consecutive weeks so luckily I can get this done without too much bothering my interview preparation. That said though, it may mean my blogs could slow next week. However, I am managing my time very efficiently if I have to say so myself so I should be fine.

So this week my SOTW comes from Guilty Crown’s OST, Home ~in this corner~ sang by Leina. I had a recommendation that the Guilty Crown OST is very good, so I thought sure I’ll check it out and they were quite right. Apart from ‘Home’ I love ‘Hill of sorry’ (or hill or sorrow) and of course ‘BIOS’. Some of the other songs are quite nice too, if you’ve seen Guilty Crown I highly recommend it.

I had actually wrote a SOTW before this one for this week, but realised not long ago that it was in my top 5 ending themes. So not to repeat myself I quickly went for this one. Hence why I won’t comment too much. Time is something I don’t have a lot. But as I said I do manage it pretty well, as long as there’re no more mishaps.

The song is in English and rather well sung English too. The song, I think, sings about being lonely but can always find a home to go to and always a friend there to help you so just keep moving and stop being depressed. A rather optimistic song if you ask me and suits Guilty Crown nicely especially with all the recent sad episodes.

But anyway sorry that it’s been short. That’s all for now then. Go check out the OST if you haven’t already. I recommend it! And I’ll get back to some more university work.