Next serialisation meeting it up and Iwase’s manga is also in the fray. Who will be serialised?


Ashirogi Muto is working hard with Miura to try and get Tanto better for the next serialisation meeting.

Iwase is very happy with what ‘MONEYS’ have drawn and listens to Hattori’s advice on how to improve the next few chapters.

Miura is confident Tanto will pass in the next meeting as there aren’t any other good amateurs coming through. That is until Hattori unveils Iwase and MONEYS. Miura tells Ashirogi Muto this news and as expected it fires them up.

Iwase appears at Takagi’s place and asks him to acknowledge her if her manga surpasses theirs. Takagi agrees but only to acknowledge her talent. So Iwase says she will surpass them.

Serialisation meeting day is on the 25th of December and although Miura was very confident when taking the manuscript, he’s not so confident now whilst waiting for results.

At the meeting they eventually realise that although under the pen name MONEYS and with a different style art, is it still Eiji who drew +Natural. They call both Hattoris in and after much convincing and thinking they decide to serialise it and Tanto.

Ashirogi Muto’s joy is a little cut short as +Natural is also serialised, but of course they’re very happy nonetheless. Iwase acts rather cocky as though expecting her serialisation.

After hearing about Eiji’s double serialisation, Fukuda decides to rally the troops and call everyone to Eiji’s house. After arriving Fukuda thinks they should invite Iwase over too to join this team. Takagi is against it but they invite her over anyway. Her stay doesn’t last long as she hears that they’re sharing ideas so she says she has too much pride to do that and walks out.

After she leaves they talk about Eiji’s two manga. But he challenges them to make their manga better than either of his.


So Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas then, well I’m assuming they do in the presents and Christmas trees and stuff, but they don’t get holidays. Which is the same in China I believe. It is a growing trend, with the present giving and stuff. But the money present giving still happens in Chinese new year in China, I should know, got my new year’s money recently.

Eiji writing two manga of course caused an uproar. But like Eiji said, if you have a problem with it then beat him. Empty words can seem like you’re a sore loser. Also I think the editor in chief probably had the idea that this’ll give Ashirogi Muto a much needed boost as well, especially when they’re both serialised together. Who wouldn’t like Hattori’s plan, and a good manga is still a good manga if Eiji can keep it up and knowing the genius he is, he probably will, then there’s nothing wrong with 2 serialisations. He’s still young and full of energy. Older experienced mangaka probably can’t pull off 2 serialisations with the pressure and stress it brings, hence why it’s not done before. But yeah, Eiji is very capable.

Iwase showed her seriousness this episode. And quite rightly said, Aoki was about the same a few years ago. I’m sure this friendly group of people will ‘fix’ Iwase’s attitude, especially with Eiji’s weirdness. I’m surprised anyone can keep a straight face with him around. They’ll all crack eventually.

So anyway, with Tanto serialised I finally get to see the meeting between Takagi and Kaya’s dad, which comes next episode I think. I’ve been waiting for that…. Was probably the highlight of this arc for me… But also, it’ll be interesting to see how the +Natural and Tanto competition will go. Gag won’t run well for Ashirogi Muto, we know this, so I wonder how long it’ll last.