Shana locates the other three Gods of the motherland whilst Yuji locates his old friends and school.


‘Terrorist’ attacks are occurring all over Japanese airports because of Yuji wanting to create Xanadu over Japan so Flame Haze don’t want denizens to escape.

At Flame Haze HQ all people do is debate their minds out without agreement on what to do next and all the while Yuji is making his way to Japan.

Shana and Chiara wait at the airport and meet up with Southvalley and Westshore whilst Margery, Keisaku and Saare meet Eastedge.

The three remaining Gods argue that if Snake takes away all the denizens then all of that power of existence will come back to the real world in some form disrupting the balance and also because Xanadu is a paradise for denizens they will likely run wild in there with no control. So for that reason, they will fight. But before Shana can give them details of her plan there’s a knock on the basement door.

Back in Japan Sakai appears before Tanaka and Yoshida in front of his parent’s house. He’s here for Yoshida, he needs her help in order to create Xanadu and he isn’t taking no for an answer. So they go for a short walk. He tells them that Misaki City will be turned into a warzone, but he’s doing this for everyone’s sake. Snake’s order for denizens not to eat anyone in Japan is being respected and Yuji expects no casualties in Japan. He knows how weak he is himself, but he still wants to fight for what he believes in.

Knowing that Shana won’t agree with him whatever the case, he has decided to fight it out with her with the winner deciding what happens next. Yoshida feels relieved that Yuji is still the same person she knew and so she happily walks with Yuji onto the roof to be welcomed to Seireiden by a host of crimson lords.


Huh, I’m sure they said Centerhill was the most cooperative one of the 4 Gods, but it certainly wasn’t hard to convince the other three, took a matter of seconds. They seemed very cooperative as well, especially the woman. That energetic guy also seemed alright. The only one that would worry me was the bartender guy. He doesn’t look like the talking type, but they all agreed to help, so they have more brute force with them now, well depending on what those three Gods do. From experience, that woman looks like she’s probably the healer, the energetic guy is probably a fast attacking type and the bartender is the ‘muscle guy’. Those of you who’ve read the light novel can correct me on that. And I’ll get used to their names first before calling them.

Looks like HQ can’t make up their minds. That’s one of the disadvantages of a democracy isn’t it though, there’ll probably be opposition to a lot of what you do and you can’t do what you want unless you get everyone’s agreement. As opposed to Snake’s Bal Masque which for obvious reasons makes their decisions much faster and is more flexible in their plans. Which at a time of warfare is probably better as fast decisions are necessary.

So Yuji made a quick visit back home this episode. I thought he wanted to visit his parents one last time before the final battle begins, but he came after Yoshida and explained to everyone what he planned to do. I can see why he wanted to explain everything to those who know about this other world, but I’m not sure what he would want Yoshida. I’m assuming it has something to do with her necklace? Although I still can’t remember what it’s for. So I’ll just wait and see the next episode for what her part in Xanadu is.

Now we’re just waiting to see what HQ’s decision is. I’m assuming Shana will attack anyway with or without Sophie. And that’s another thing, still don’t know about this great plan she has as we were interrupted at that moment which we also don’t know what. So, twill be interesting to find out both those things and of course I still wonder what’s up with Pheles.

And last thing, I’m gonna stop commenting about whether Xanadu is right or wrong. You all know my opinion and you can’t make everyone agree so sure, Shana can take her own path.