Sakurai Rihoko: Story Arc

Episode 4: Sakurai Rihoko – Part 2: Wind Bell

Her cooking is not that bad is it?

Makabe listens to Rihoko’s confession. After a moment, he smirks and tells her not to regret rejecting him before leaving. Also Junichi has gone too. Rihoko continues walking when she thinks about what Kanae told her about Junichi. Meanwhile, Makabe tries on hitting Haruka, but ultimately fails. Rihoko arrives at the Tachibana’s house. Miya answers the door, asking Rihoko if she seen Junichi on the way, but she didn’t. Later, Junichi arrives home and notices that Rihoko has arrived. He hands Miya the melted ice cream and greets Rihoko; awkwardly. Miya wonders what is wrong with them, which Rihoko then goes off to prepare dinner. Miya offers to help but is stopped by Junichi after she last time made a unique miso soup. Junichi and Miya watch TV while Rihoko is cooking. Junichi then enters the kitchen and asks Rihoko about seeing couples whilst out shopping, but she didn’t see any. Rihoko calls Junichi just as he is about to leave, but changes her mind and tells him that the dinner would be good.

That can only mean trouble

Rihoko calls for dinner, which impresses Junichi and Miya. Rihoko explains that she got the ingredients from Manaka and Ruriko; who meanwhile are fishing and they discuss with each other that Rihoko fell for it again. They then wonder if Rihoko would tell Junichi how she feels about him. Junichi and Rihoko talk about Manaka and Ruriko. They then finish the meal, with both Miya and Junichi full. Rihoko asks if it is ok to come for dinner again, which Miya approves. The phone rings, Miya and Junichi argue about who answers it. They settle it with a rock-paper-scissors. Miya ends up answering it. It is Sae, who asks Miya if she would like to go to the amusement park tomorrow. Rihoko tidies up, she is about to talk to Junichi, but they are interrupted by Miya’s phone call. Miya then returns and explains about the phone call. She then heads off to get dessert. They have shaved-ice, which Miya then takes a huge mound of it. She then adds the seven flavours all at one and offers it to Rihoko.

She clearly is not potty trained yet

It starts to rain heavily. Miya tells Rihoko to stay the night as she may catch a cold if she walked home. Rihoko then accepts. Later, Rihoko has a bath while Junichi looks through the old photo album of him and Rihoko. Looking through it brings Junichi some happy memories. After, Junichi heads to Miya’s room, where Rihoko is sleeping in a spare futon. Junichi asks Rihoko about the clothes he lent her. She tells him that they fit perfectly, which Miya adds that if she borrowed hers, it would be tight, especially around the chest area, which makes Rihoko and Junichi blush. Miya then pushes Junichi out of her room. Later that night, Miya is asleep but Rihoko is awake. Miya then gets up and sleepwalks out of her room, leaving a puzzled Rihoko. Miya walks to Junichi’s room and enters. Junichi wakes up and looks to see Miya trying to pull her bottoms down. Junichi rushes over to stop her and to take her to the bathroom, which was the result of her having too much shaved ice. Later, Miya is sound asleep again as Rihoko gets up and walks to Junichi’s room.

Not exactly the 4th July

She heads to Junichi’s room and is a bit hesitant to knock on his door. Eventually she is about to when she hears a noise from downstairs. Heading down she finds Junichi sitting having a drink. Junichi spots Rihoko and asks what is wrong. She tells him that she could sleep, which he also replies that he is wide awake as well. Rihoko is about talk when Junichi asks if she wants to do some fireworks. They talk whilst play with sparklers, when Junichi mentions that they have been together since kindergarten and that it would be nice if it stayed that way. Rihoko turns to respond and ends up flicking the ember on to Junichi. Junichi jumps and knocks over his drink and he slips over. He ends up on top her, but it is short-lived as he gets up and distances himself. A moment later, he confesses his love for Rihoko and Rihoko tells him the same, after which they both kiss. The next morning, Junichi and Rihoko have a drink of tea, when Miya enters the room. She gets highly suspicious of Junichi’s red face and questions him as Rihoko watches and smiles.

Well this end could have been better. Something like, Miya goes off on her outing with Sae, leaving Rihoko and Junichi alone together and things heat up, but not in a hentai or ecchi sense which would completely spoil the mood of the story. However, I guess you can’t have everything. Well finally Junichi confesses his love to Rihoko as he didn’t in the first season. The only thing that happened in the first season was Rihoko’s feelings towards Junichi but it never developed further. Not many fans like Rihoko, which could be down to her personality or maybe her expanding waistline. I have sort of warmed up to her, but Tsukasa still tops my list as the favourite amongst the girls’ story arcs. I was also puzzled by why did Miya send Junichi to get some ice cream when they end up having shaved ice in the end. Where did she get the shaved-ice machine from anyway? Well next it is Nanasaki Ai, who is ok but I think I’ll wait for the other favourites, Sae and Haruka.