Episode 4: The Queen`s Reward

Looks as though he sucked on a lemon

Back at the academy, Osmond addresses the students with a speech; which is perverted. He eventually presents the heroes of the World, which are Saito, Louise, Tiffania and the Undine Knights. Guiche tells Saito that he is the main hero and that being presented with an estate wouldn’t be too much. This makes Louise think that some day she would live together with Saito. The celebrations begin and Guiche ends up being surrounded by girls which angers Montmorency right up to the point when Guiche kisses one of them, leading to Montmorency chasing after him. Louise thanks Tiffania for saving her and Saito, adding that he also grateful. Tiffania hopes that she get her familiar and have a relationship like them. Tiffania is then asked to dance, but is unable due to not knowing how. However, she is saved by Beatrice and her gang; who scare him off. Louise finds Saito getting food. Malicorn comes over and tells Saito he should try the melons, making Saito nervous. Malicorn then leaves with reference to “Lemon-Chan”. Just then, Saito hears the music that he and Louise first dance too.

Things are heating up

They dance together, Saito tells Louise that she is someone important to him and that wants to be at her side to protect her. He then tells her that he wants to buy a house and live with her. They are about to kiss when they are being watched by Malicorn, prompting them to leave. They head Louise’s room and they share a kiss. Saito pushes Louise on to the bed but they find Siesta under the sheets. Siesta starts hugging Saito which gives him a perverted grin, which angers Louise and she blows them up with her explosion spell. That night, Louise is talking with Kirche and Montmorency about the boys being idiotic and also about when they got back home, Tabitha was summoned immediately to Gallia; who they wonder if she is ok. Meanwhile, Tabitha is with her mother, as she received medicine from Vidalshal that would cure her mother’s illness. Within a moment, Tabitha’s mother wakes up and calls her Charlotte. Tabitha cries and hugs her.

If you look carefully, you will notice Siesta in the background

Back in the academy, Saito and the Undine Knights are sword training. Louise thinks about what Saito said earlier and runs off excited. Siesta walks pass the dorms, when she hears Montmorency talking to Kirche about Tiffania being on top of Saito trying to kiss him, back in Romalia. She adds that when Malicorn saw them, he started talking about melons. Kirche thinks if Tiffania’s are melons, then hers are coconuts. Siesta then runs off. Louise is in her room, designing the house that she and Saito would live in. Suddenly, Siesta burst into her room and tells Louise about the melons. Louise then realises what they were talking about earlier. Siesta comments that hers are pineapples, with Louise’s are lemons. Louise drops her drawing and Siesta picks them up. Louise tells her that the drawings are about her and Saito’s house that they are going to live in. Siesta picks up on this as a good idea to reduce the competition.

Birth Control

Louise, Saito and Siesta go to an estate agent to buy a house, but Louise doesn’t like what they have chosen. Louise furious, asks why Siesta has joined them as they are buying a house for her and Saito. Siesta explains that she has to follow wherever Saito goes, as Queen Henrietta made Siesta, Saito’s personal maid. They go back to choosing houses and they select one with a large bath. This angers Louise so much that she ends up kicking Saito in the “Plums”. Later, they meet with Scarron and Jessica. Saito explains to Scarron, that Louise insisted on finding a place, but ended up spending most of the time complaining. Just then, some girls come rushing up to Saito, excited. Louise wonders what is going on, when Scarron tells her that has something to do with the popular play “The Queen’s Knight”. Scarron and Jessica act out the play for them, after the bunny girls hug Saito, knocking both Siesta and Louise off their seats. Jessica tells them that since Saito is a hero, he is loved by all the girls in the town. Louise and Siesta agree that they have to find a place quickly.

Where is Mr. Cuddles?

Meanwhile, Tabitha is told by her mother to take the throne of Gallia, as the country is in confusion. Three days later, Louise and Saito still haven’t found a place. Agnes then appears and tells them that they have been summoned by the Queen. Henrietta tells them about Tabitha being named the next ruler of Gallia. Henrietta wants to reward Saito for efforts by presenting him some land (Fiefdom; Fee). They head to the Fiefdom and are shock to find it as a wasteland with nothing of interest, they then head to the mansion. Upon arrival at the mansion, it is run down and broken. Louise complains about the state the mansion is in, which Siesta suggests that she goes back. Louise changes her mind. That night, Siesta and Louise argue over sleeping with Saito when they hear a noise outside. It is Tabitha who enters the window. She has put the coronation on hold and then goes to sleep in bed, next to Saito. Siesta then goes to sleep on Saito’s other side which angers Louise and she ends up exploding the room.

This was a funny episode and I really enjoyed it. There were so many fruit references that I probably could make a fruit salad, have to make sure they are ripe though… I wonder what Tabitha would decide now, she has been given a choice to rule Gallia, however this would mean she would be separated from her friends at the academy and on another note, how did she know where Saito and Louise were living? So I wonder what impending doom is going to happen next, which would catapult the heroes into action. I have the distinct feeling that it may have something to do with Vidalshal, who gave Tabitha the medicine to save her mother, but leaves on the conversation with Tabitha that he had his own reasons on helping King Joseph. So I would like to speculate what his agenda is and whether he would reappear later on. Enough, moving on…