With the serialisation of Tanto, Takagi visits Kaya’s parents for his marriage proposal. With +Natural going on sale and an expected great success, how will Tanto fare?


Takagi finally goes to Kaya’s house and greet her parents. There we find out that his dad was actually Mashiro’s uncle’s best friend.

Seeing that Mashiro and Takagi are a team, Kaya’s dad wants to test their determination and asks for Mashiro to be brought to him as well for a karate fight.

But it seems that he just wanted to drag them away to talk in private. He reveals that he was Mashiro’s uncle’s rival in love for Haruno Miyuki. And Takagi tells him the rest of the story. After hearing it all Kaya’s dad can’t help but cheer for both of them and agree to the marriage.

At the new year’s party for mangakas everyone has a nice reunion whilst Hattori uses a cold shoulder approach to fire up Ashirogi Muto. After the party Eiji tells Hattori that he saw through him. But they both want Ashirogi Muto to succeed and become one of the pillars that holds Jack up, however Eiji won’t lose to them.

With Tanto’s serialisation comes a new assistant, Orihara Ichiriki who’s a little too energetic for comfort and they get Takahama back.

Preview for +Natural’s first chapter comes out and Ashirogi Muto are impressed by how interesting it is. In other news Otters 11 is getting an anime. So they need to do better, but Takagi seems to be having a writer’s block and can’t brainstorm ideas.

With +Natural’s release and a surge of internet topics on Eiji doing 2 manga, Jack copies are flying off the shelves and the editorial department gets a barrage of phone calls about extra copies.

As expected +Natural ranks top, so Ashirogi wants Tanto to rank top too. But unfortunately they came 5th with +Natural 3rd leaving Ashirogi very disappointed.

Iwase visits Takagi and Kaya’s new apartment to congratulate on marriage but Kaya refuses to take the flowers she brought and when told to leave Takagi alone she blurts out that she already likes another man, and that it’s someone with real talent, Hattori…

Tanto’s ranks successively fall from 5th to 9th to 10th and now stable at 11th. They want it better and are going to try and think of a meme like joke or catchphrase that’ll draw more kids in.

A shocking revelation is revealed at the end as Eiji tells Yujiro that he’s stopped reading Tanto.


It’s quite nice how everything ties together with Kaya’s parents. It is indeed what they call fate, which helped Takagi get a wife. So my favourite part is gone now, it was my favourite because of how things tie together. I always love it when ‘fate’ comes into play and when everything ties neatly together. Like Tian Long Ba Bu how they tie three people from completely different backgrounds together. I recommend that drama if you’re interested in Chinese ‘Wu Xia’ dramas/novels.

Hattori’s showed his plotting mind again this episode, although this time it was a little too obvious, for Eiji at least. He is probably the most insightful editor of the lot, looking at the other ones, they just done match up, although it’s likely that I have support for Hattori because he’s always helping the protagonists directly or indirectly. But I can see why Iwase would say she likes him, as someone with talent. He knows potential when he sees it and can scheme to bring out that talent. Although speaking of Iwase I’m sure she just said as a spur of the moment kind of thing. Surely she can’t be serious. It’s probably her ploy to try and get Takagi jealous. Which obviously won’t work as he just got married, but yeah, I’m sure it’s nothing serious. If it is then that would be interesting and we may see more romance in this arc, however I doubt Hattori’s interested for that matter.

Anyway, not much else to say apart from Tanto’s doing very badly. Expected as much, soon they’ll realise gag won’t suffice and change and I’ll be a lot happier when that happens. This arc is pretty boring… dunno how many times I’ve said that now.