The denizens gather in Misaki City in their thousands all waiting for their paradise.


Yuji leads Yoshida up the stairs telling her that there’s a task he needs doing that only a human like her can accomplish.

Misaki city used to be unstable, but thanks to Yoshida, it’s now stable. Yuji wants to use those instabilities once again so that he can transfer power into the abyss to create Xanadu. Yuji leads her to the Haridan and seals the powers of the necklace Pheles gave her.

After sitting down on his high throne, Yuji tells Dantalion to transform seireiden and in a matter of seconds the rocky mobile city transforms into a mechanical looking tower. Bel Peol then activates a protective barrier in the fuzetsu so that no one in the fuzetsu can be eaten.

Sydonay disappears to prepare the troops, not just for war, but for chaos. Yuji soars up above the world and tells everyone to look up.

Elsewhere, Shana, leading her group including the other 3 Gods, prepare their plan.

Lamies leads the preparations and activates his ‘Anti-seals’ all the while talking to and keeping Yoshida calm. He also says that he’s only working with Bal Masque because he’s after the leftover power of existence that the denizens will leave behind once they go to Xanadu. He hopes to accomplish his goal whilst helping out Bal Masque.

As Yoshida looks down below, all she can see is a huge mass of denizens waiting to go to their paradise.

Hecate begins the third stage of the creation of Xanadu and acts as a sacrifice for the summoning of their God. It seems that she appeared only for the summon of Snake and with this sacrifice she will awaken again when their God falls under another deep sleep.

Sydonay looks on as Hecate disappears wondering when they’ll meet again.

Suddenly Yoshida sense Flame Hazes and Eastedge makes his appearance showering meteors onto nearby denizens obliterating them. Westshore appears by the waters and Southvalley who faces Haborym make subsequent appearances and defeat a significant number of denizens.

Shana and Wilhelmina drop in with Saare and Chiara. They part ways as they get through the defence to seireiden as Shana and Wilhelmina jump off for Yuji.

As Yuji and Shana draw their swords and prepare to settle their fight, the episode ends.


So… Shana really had no plan apart from sending in the three gods in as the vanguard/distraction and then shooting through the lines to get to Yuji herself? Really hope that’s not all there is to it, this brilliant plan that everyone’s putting their efforts behind can’t really be this simple right? It always seemed grander than this, especially when we kept getting interrupted before she could explain it properly. But I’m assuming that’s to keep the suspense so when the full plan comes to fruition we’ll be pleasantly surprised like with Sophie’s plan of retreat, I was impressed with that. I hope for a good plan, rushing in like that does give the impression of recklessness that is usually followed up with a good plan.

Pardon my ignorance on this, but I had completely forgot what Yoshida did… which is probably why what Yuji was talking about made no sense to me. If someone can give me a quick summary that’d be nice. But I’m assuming it’s basically there are foundations of the city that has something to do with magic that wasn’t stable enough to hold everything and Yoshida fixed them. But to create Xanadu Yuji needs to unstable them again so Yoshida’s needed to make them stable again, there’s my take on it, I’m sure that’s about roughly right.

With Hecate gone, another one of my favourite character disappears with a mere whimper. I really wanted to see some more from her, she was always so distant and lonely. It was rather sad to see her go like this, but I guess this is all for peace and paradise. A worthwhile cause it has to be said.

And just like that, I’m down to my last favourite character, Lamies of course. It was good to see his real intentions this episode. He doesn’t care for some paradise, he’s still got that one track mind I like so much. I knew he wouldn’t take sides, still the lovable old gentlemen he always is. And that would add another reason why I want Xanadu to succeed, to see what Lamies is truly after.

Okay then, let’s see this great plan of Shana’s in action and hopefully a few more ‘full’ fights.