Episode 5: De Ornielle`s Maidens


Kirche and Montmorency join Louise, Saito and Tabitha as they walk around the Fiefdom. Kirche complains that it is barren; an old man explains that the previous owner died ten years ago and that the land was given to the Queen. All the young people left for the city; therefore the older generation is all that is left. Kirche asks Tabitha about her coronation to become queen. Tabitha tells them that she has put it on hold for the time being. Kirche then asks what she is doing with them. Suddenly, Irukukuu pops up and tells them she wants to hatch an egg. Kirche interprets it as becoming pregnant. The scene becomes awkward and Saito runs off and the others except Kirche and Montmorency chase after him. Later, Kirche and Montmorency look around the mansion; searching every room. They find a library and comment that Tabitha would love to read the books. However, looking out the window at Tabitha, Kirche thinks that she isn’t in the mood for reading at the moment. They figure that she wants to have her chance of freedom before taking the throne and be close to Saito. However, Saito is with Louise making it a difficult situation.


Elsewhere, Louise and Saito are sitting together on the grass. Saito tells Louise that he is happy and seeing Louise smile makes him happier. He adds that when he first arrived, he wanted to go back home, but now he wants to stay because of Louise. They then kiss; Saito then gets Louise to say something cute, which she does. This makes Saito excited until Siesta appears with a hamper. Louise gets embarrassed and boots Saito repeatedly in the backside, while Tabitha watches behind a tree. Later Saito, Louise, Kirche and Montmorency finish their meal when the old man enters the dining room and tells them there someone to see Louise. It is her older sister, Eleanor; who scolds Louise for leaving to live with a man before getting married. She goes on that Saito is not a nobleman and does not speak as one either. Louise tells her that she would teach Saito the proper mannerism of a nobleman to Saito. Eleanor agrees, but stipulates that if he hasn’t mastered it, Louise would be taken home with her. Soon after Eleanor leaving, Louise immediately teaches Saito the proper mannerism. However, he doesn’t take it seriously, even mooing when Louise describes his walk like a cow. Later, Tabitha takes Kirche and Montmorency back to the academy on Sylphid. Eventually, Saito gets tired of the training from Louise and they both argue before Saito storms out of the room.

Got a waistcoat...

That night in bed, Louise starts to regret scolding Saito. Saito is down in the basement and talks with Derflinger, since he’s not a nobleman he figures that he belongs in the basement. Suddenly, the lounge chair breaks and Saito falls to the floor, he gets up but stumbles and puts his hand out. He ends up pressing a hidden switch and a secret passage is revealed. Meanwhile, Louise is searching every room looking for Saito. Saito walks down the secret passage and finds a room. Inside he finds a large mirror and touches it. A bright light shines and blinds him. Louise heads to the basement and finds the secret passage. She walks down and sees Saito in the room. She is about call him, but stops and looks in to see Saito and Queen Henrietta kiss. During the bright light, the mirror opens a portal into Henrietta’s closet and she ends up in the room with Saito. Henrietta talks with Saito explaining that the mirror’s purpose was for trysts. She then adds that she gave up marrying the one she loves and instead being available for political reasons. However, Saito tells her to go with her feelings and marry the one you love. From this they kiss. Louise sees this and leaves crying.

She nailed it

Henrietta returns to her room via the mirror and hopes to return to visit Saito. Saito leaves the room and is told by Derflinger that Louise was down in basement and saw everything. Saito runs out and tries to stop Louise from leaving. She tells him that she is happy for him and Henrietta. Louise then rides off in her nightdress, Saito doesn’t go after her. The next day at the Academy, Kirche, Montmorency and Tabitha are walking and meet Louise who tells them that she broke up with Saito. No else to go, she headed to the academy. In her room, Louise starts crying when Tabitha enters wanting to talk to her. Tabitha tells her that she would take Saito away and possibly marry him, as she would be the next queen of Gallia; she could whatever she wanted. Later, Kirche talks some sense into her, telling her about Henrietta’s feelings. Louise then runs off. Saito is sitting on the grass, when Louise appears. She tells him that she is the one for him regardless what the Queen feels. Saito feels happy when she smiles and they both hug. Later Louise, Siesta and Saito are covering up the mirror. Louise tells Siesta that she is exorcising the room from evil spirits. She gets Saito to hold a nail, but misses and hammers his hand.

Saito still leaves himself open for corruption, now the competition is heating up. Now it is Queen Henrietta along with Tabitha, joining Tiffania, Siesta and Louise who are after Saito. We didn’t see Tiffania, so I just wondered where she was during this. The episodes aren’t heading down the end of the world type. Anyway, we still have the end result of Eleanor’s opinion of Saito’s nobleness training and also the possible appearance again of those four siblings that kidnapped Louise for Joseph earlier. I just hope this series would finish on a good, exciting episode and hope it doesn’t disappoint.