Koichi finally understands the situation he is in, but whether him also being ignored helps the class or not is put in question


By accepting Koichi into the class, the class became short one desk and therefore more than the class quote and hence why Misaki needed to be nonexistent. Izumi had checked Koichi before hand and made sure that he wasn’t the ‘ghost’

They weren’t able to talk to Koichi straight away because he had already spoken to Misaki, so it was hard to get to the subject.

Misaki doesn’t mind that she was the one picked, someone had to do it, so she’d rather be the one, rather than go along with the rest treating someone as nonexistent. And now by making Koichi also nonexistent they save the trouble of explaining everything to him and hope to strengthen the ‘charm’ to stop the deaths.

Later Koichi’s dad calls and Koichi asks about his mum in class 3, but it seems his dad knows nothing. His dad then says something strange about how this is him returning to Yomiyama after one and a half years, but when he asks, his dad says he made a mistake and then the phone cuts off.

Misaki and Koichi enjoy their time together as non existing people, chatting and hanging out together. One day Misaki decides to introduce the art club to Koichi but Yuya appears and rushes everyone out the room after seeing the two of them. Misaki shows Koichi her picture, which luckily hasn’t been thrown out but it does have a huge cut across it.

Misaki and Koichi go to the library and we find out that the librarian was the teacher for class 3 26 years ago and hence why he also knew Koichi’s mum. He explains that he has no connection to class 3 at the moment so he’s safe and he doesn’t mind talking to them. He also explains that the ones that are at risk are the students and their family members within 2 degrees of separation and they must live in Yomiyama i.e. if someone leaves he/she is safe, like a mobile going out of range.

He stayed at the school because he half felt guilty for starting this entire thing and but as the librarian. The person who died to start everything was Misaki Yomiyama, a boy. He died in a tragic house fire and no one survived.

He then shows Koichi lists of students from the past 26 years and points out how this curse is working, how someone from a class in 1993 who died, appeared in 1996 and changed everyone’s memory and altered records for the duration of the time she was in the class. After the school years everything reverted back to normal. And he also showed how this countermeasure of ignoring someone worked. However this countermeasure seems to only have a 50% success rate.

It seems apparent that the year Koichi was born in Yomiyama was the year that his aunt was also in Yomiyama in class 3. But when Koichi tries to question her aunt about everything she says she doesn’t remember much.

On another day in class, the teacher comes in and says that he tried his best so that everyone could graduate in good health, but he has failed. He screams and pulls out a knife.


Now that’s a fun ending, the teacher of a high school class pulling out a knife and has obviously gone mental. Obviously that knife isn’t just for show, I saw blood in the preview, so he’s either gonna kill someone or he’s committing suicide. And seeing as he blamed himself for everything and apologised I’m assuming he’s killing himself. Although if so, then I don’t get why he has to do it in front of everyone. Quietly hung at home would be a more logical way, but I guess this way it creates a better atmosphere of hopelessness and dread, at least story wise, so I can understand why the author would do this, just not why the teacher would. But I’ve given up logical explanations for most things so why stop here.

So a few things were explained this episode of how Misaki became the nonexistent one and how she doesn’t actually mind as someone’s gotta do it. And also, my theory involving Koichi’s aunt seems like it can be right, in that his mum died because his aunt was in class three at the time.

Some more mysteries emerged though, something about Koichi being here a year and a half ago. Obviously not something his dad remembered wrong. And that librarian, who was the original person to start this ‘curse’, I don’t believe he’s just here because he feels guilty, I think he has another purpose, I think he may be the one to break this curse eventually. He’s been observing it for years, he probably knows it better than anyone else.

So, the fact that Koichi already talked to Misaki made it hard for them to tell him everything? Well I guess that makes sense. I do recall their very first meeting was in the hospital and he did ‘talk’ to her, so if he’s already broken the rules, then I guess the tap and drag away technique will be useless. But I still stand by that if he hadn’t already spoken to her in the hospital that day then they can still drag away. However, I wonder how they knew he’d already spoken to her, or didn’t they? Hmmm… if they didn’t then that’ll go back to my original question of why not tap and drag, if they did know, how did they know?

I think the loneliness got to Misaki in the end. She seemed rather happy to have Koichi join her. Their relationship is definitely blossoming nicely, I wonder if there’s gonna be any romance involved. I wouldn’t mind, I love a good romance, and if it’s in the middle of a death spree, it makes it all the more interesting.

Just a final point, I really really am lost, even more so, on why they put Koichi in this class. They had a perfect number of students in that class i.e. the deaths were NOT going to start. So… why did they put Koichi in to ruin the student number so that the deaths WOULD start? I’m really struggling to find even a shred of sense for this. The only possible reason would be that Koichi is the ‘ghost’ himself and so he ‘inserted’ himself into the class like how the librarian described. But then that’d lead to a lot of other questions but it also may make sense seeing as how his dad suddenly remembers something about him being there a year and a half ago but anyway I don’t want to get into that right now as I’m exhausted… writing this at 1am, after a full day out, so I’ll leave it at that.