Nanasaki Ai: Story Arc

Episode 6: Nanasaki Ai – Part 2: Escape

Such a ham actor

The Founder’s festival has begun and everyone is working hard. Miya and Sae are performing on stage, while Ai is helping out on the Oden stall. Ai goes off for a break and starts thinking about Junichi.  She thinks back to last year when they were together and becomes teary eyed. Meanwhile Junichi is taking a mock exam and completes it with determination. The Founder’s Festival comes to an end and the girls meet up. Miya invites Ai to a sleepover at Sae’s house, she agrees. They leave together discussing what they would do at the party, when Ai remembers she forgot to buy Ikou’s present, she excuses herself and heads off, intending to meet up with them later at Sae’s house. Ai heads to the shopping mall when she spots the Action toy belt that she played with last year with Junichi. She starts crying again and becomes worried about when Junichi leaves for university. Just then a voice behind her finds the toy belt nostalgic. She turns around to find an out of breath Junichi. He tells her that he actually snuck out but finished his exams for the day. He tells her that he would like to have their Christmas date.

Perfect fit

Ai is happy but she then remembers she has other plans. She phones up Sae, but Miya takes the phone telling her that they waiting for her. However, Juichi takes the phone and disguises his voice telling Miya that he is the phantom thief and has kidnapped Ai. After the phone call, Miya cheers puzzling Sae. She explains that Ai won’t be coming as her brother somehow managed to come back from the training camp. Ai heads to the shop and buys Ikou’s present. She then goes back home t and drops off the present to her brother. She heads back out again to meet up with Junichi and they head off to begin their date holding hands. They head back to the shopping precinct; Ai tells Junichi that she is happy that they finally have their date together. A gust of wind blows up and Junichi sneezes. Ai realizes that Junichi hasn’t got his coat as he was in a rush that he forgot. He suggests going to a store to warm up and he selects one. Inside he gets Ai to try on the coat he saw earlier and wants to give it to Ai as a Christmas present. She accepts it, but she wants to get Junichi a coat as well. He declines the offer and instead takes Ai’s old coat which is too small on him making Ai laugh.


Masayoshi is walking outside when he screams out about not able to find a girlfriend. He then spots Junichi ahead of him. Just then, a man behind him asks him if he had seen this person in the picture; which is Junichi. The man explains to him that he snuck out of a training camp. Masayoshi tells him that he had seen him and points the man in the opposite direction. The men leave and Masayoshi looks back to where Junichi truly was and tells himself that this is his Christmas present to Junichi. This gets him motivated and he continues his search for a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Miya and Sae are continuing their sleepover party. Miya begins the meat bun competition and ends up on top of Sae, playing with her breasts, asking for one of them for Christmas. Junichi and Ai continue to enjoy their date. After a while, Junichi accidentally walks himself and Ai down a street of hotels. He apologises but Ai is sad. Just then, Maya Takahashi; his teacher comes out of one the hotels and spots Junichi. He quickly turns and runs off with Ai. Maya is then called a young lady. Honoured to be labelled young she turns around to find Masayoshi. He offers to take her on a date, but it becomes an awkward moment as soon as he realises who he chatted up.

Together forever

Junichi and Ai end up at an observation spot. After catching their breath, they begin laughing. They look at down at the city lights when it starts to snow. Ai tells Junichi that she felt lonely when they were apart. She also shows concern over, their future on when Junichi heads to university. He tells her that nothing would change, but adds that he has to go back to the training camp tomorrow. Ai then offers to make him a bento for him every day, despite that they may get into trouble. He then tells Ai that when he goes to university, he plans to rent an apartment. He asks her to have a key to his apartment, with that she promises to come to him and wake him up every morning. After, they both kiss. Moving forward, Junichi is in his apartment and is woken up by Ai so that they can watch the fireworks. Together they watch the display when Ai tells Junichi that she wants to see the fireworks display every year with Junichi. They then both promise that they would take care of each other.

Actually, this was not a bad story arc after all. I quite enjoyed the funny moments in this, especially Masayoshi and Maya awkward moment. Just wonder on what was Maya doing in the hotel in the first place… It actually reminded me of B Gata H Kei; which I found the ending quite disappointing. Anyway, Junichi managed to escape the clutches of the Gestapo cram school squad, I thought he was going to get caught and we have a scene in which he is dragged back to the cram school. However, it didn’t happen which was good as it would have spoilt this story arc. Also I find Miya’s sniggering starting to be a little annoying, wish she would stop that. Also we had a yuri moment here, with her and Sae. So that was the meat bun competition; I am not interested, but Sae looks better with her hair down than it does in pigtails; IMO. Next up is Kaoru’s arc… I am not really interested in her but it means that Sae’s and Haruka’s arcs are the last four episodes, yay!