Episode 6: A Chaotic Hot Spring

I can boil you an egg

Queen Henrietta tries to contact Saito through the mirror, but she no luck making her wonder what has happened. Meanwhile Saito and Louise speculate over the magic of the mirror and how it connects to the Queen’s room. Suddenly, the old man calls out an emergency, prompting Saito and Louise to come running. Everyone is sacred except Saito, who tells them it is a Hot spring. Saito tests the water and finds it perfect. He then suggests inviting Guiche and the other Undine Knights for a Hot Spring party. Back at the Academy, Guiche informs the other knights of the invitation by Saito and thought of bathing whilst nude makes them excited with a nosebleed. Also Montmorency and Kirche are excited to go as well. Tiffania has been invited; happy that she is able to see Saito again. Preparations are being made to the Hot Spring; Saito tells Louise of the order the party will go in, ladies first then the guys. Saito has a male fantasy which Louise gets angry about. Saito tells her that he wants to get in with Louise which makes her embarrassed and changes her mind of not get in. Louise spots Tabitha and runs up to her. Louise thanks her for helping her make up with Saito. Tabitha tells her that if it happens again, she would be taking him.

This won't work

Later that evening, Saito, Louise, Irukukuu and Tabitha are having dinner together. Siesta tells them that she would prepare a feast to remember for tomorrow. Tabitha hasn’t touched her food and leaves the table followed by Irukukuu. Saito comments that he wants Tabitha to get into the Hot Spring, which results in Louise getting angry and stamping on his foot. That night, Saito goes to bed and sees Louise in bed. Deciding to try his luck, he sneaks into the bed. After a bit of fondling he is shocked to find that it is Tabitha. She asks him to keep going, but Saito is stunned. Tabitha then launches at him, just as Louise walks in; coming to apologise. She spots Tabitha on top of Saito, which makes her angry and gives Saito a whipping. After, the three girls (Louise, Siesta, Tabitha) try to sleep with Saito, but it doesn’t work out making Saito to suggest something. Later, Saito is sleeping in a different room, whilst the girls are together. Louise complains that she can’t sleep without Saito and tries to leave, but is stop by Tabitha. Louise makes the excuse of going to the bathroom, which Tabitha tells her she will go as well. Siesta also wants to go and gets out of bed, which pulls Louise and Tabitha out of the bed as well, as the three of them are tied together.

He is a little prick

The next morning, the three girls are sporting some injuries when the guests arrive. Saito greets them, when Siesta tells Louise that she had spotted someone suspicious. They spot the intruder entering the mansion and they follow. Louise and Siesta, confront the intruder and it is revealed to be Queen Henrietta, who asks to be shown the Hot Spring. Louise and Henrietta are in the Hot Spring. Louise tells her that she knows about the mirror. Henrietta tells her that she too is love with Saito, which Louise tells her that she can’t and that Saito is hers. They then fight and have a wrestling match in the Hot Spring. After Henrietta tells Louise she won’t give up on Saito and they shake hands, vowing that best girl wins. Later, Siesta tells Saito about the Queen’s secret arrival and that she wants to see him. He meets with Henrietta and apologises to her that he lived a careless life in his world, but now he wants to be with Louise as he loves her. Henrietta accepts this, but tells him that she won’t give up on him and leaves. Up above in the trees, Tabitha watches the conversation. Later, all of the girls are in the Hot Spring, feeling good over the skin becoming smooth that they would be good for Saito. Suddenly, the Undines knights appear and try to jump in nude, but they are blasted away, by magic from the girls.

Louise is shocking

Tiffania has a dizzy spell from being in the Hot water for too long; she leaves and heads into one of the bedrooms. Later Kirche and Montmorency escort the Queen back, wondering if was ok to leave Tiffania behind. They are then passed by three people on horses, heading towards the mansion. Later, Louise takes Saito to the Hot Spring and they both get in together. Louise tells him not to die before she does and he tells her vice versa. They promise to die together and with another promise by Saito that he won’t look at other girls besides her and they both kiss. Later, Saito and Louise are about to sleep together when, Saito accidentally grabs Tiffania’s breasts. He becomes shocked and jumps off the bed apologising, but this doesn’t stop Louise and she blasts him.

Funny this episode, but I feel this was a fan service episode really. So the Queen admits that she likes him as well, but Tabitha isn’t really forthcoming with feelings. I haven’t really decided on which female character. For Saito it will probably be Louise in the end, once she gets the blasting out of her system. It also makes me wonder, who fainted from blood loss when Louise and the Queen were wrestling? Nothing else to say really from the top of my head, as it is late and I have to cover for Lucretia, due to RL. So moving on…