Tanto stays steady around the 12th rank whilst +Natural and Eiji become ever more popular which leads a frustrated Ashirogi Muto to a shocking decision.


Takagi goes through a few of his new gag ideas with Mashiro and Kaya, but nothing good.

There’s trouble with Hattori as earlier in a meeting with Iwase she asked him an odd question about if he finds her attractive… Of course Hattori gave a reply that basically rejected her.

In the end Takagi settles for a catchphrase of something similar to ‘I dunno about that’. Also Miura tells them that +Natural is already getting anime, drama, live action etc adaptation offers and Eiji isn’t reading Tanto anymore.

With the rank of Tanto still around 12, Takagi’s pulling all nighters everyday to try and think of new ideas and both Mashiro and Kaya are worried about his well being. And this is only a few days before Kaya and Takagi’s wedding.

At the wedding celebration Hattori makes a speech about Ashirogi Muto’s manga, but doesn’t mention Tanto, so Mashiro confronts him about it. He eventually gets annoyed that Hattori doesn’t give him a straight answer and causes a scene so he and Hattori takes it outside. There Hattori makes it clear that he dislikes Tanto.

At Takagi and Kaya’s honeymoon they coincidently turn on the TV to find that Eiji is on a talk show where he states that his rival is Ashirogi Muto. Hearing that, Mashiro rushes home and curses to himself. He calls Azuki and tells her he wants to quit Tanto. Azuki surprisingly agrees.

Getting Takagi to agree was easy enough and seeing that they’re not gonna back down, Miura takes this to the deputy chief editor. As expected he’s extremely against it, but Mashiro still doesn’t back down and goes to the chief editor. The chief editor says that if they want to quit, then they’ll quit drawing for Jack. Mashiro explains that this is so they can surpass Eiji, and others in the editorial department agree that they have that potential.

Takagi then makes a bold statement that in the time before their contract ends they’ll submit something to a serialisation meeting that will be good enough to compete with Eiji, if not, they’ll quit Jack. The chief editor agrees to the terms and without much of a choice, Miura agrees as well. However, Hattori’s worried that they’re aiming too high.


And finally, the Tanto arc comes to a close. Now things can finally become interesting again. Something I want to say is how whilst the chief editor said that it’s ultimately up to Miura, they weren’t really giving him much of a choice there. The chief’s already agreed and when those two are staring you down with such serious eyes, you can’t really help but to agree too, although I’m still rather certain he didn’t want to at the very end.

Though of course anyone watching would agree they should quit. Takagi was literally at his wits end, if he could’ve thought of more fun gags that are popular then yeah sure, continue, but when he’s not even enjoying himself at his honeymoon then something’s gotta give and it’s not going to be his brain. Kinda feel sorry for him, but I’m sure they can easily take a second honeymoon some other time when they’re popular.

Also, it’s obvious Hattori had this all planned, what does he expect them to do when he tells them that Tanto isn’t good? They’re not gonna merrily continue and hope for the best. The sooner Tanto ended the better. Again showing how capable Hattori is as an editor, Eiji helped too, but it was probably all Hattori’s planning. When the right potential is there, just need to give it a push in the right direction.

So now the big question is what manga they’re going to write next. I don’t even think we need to consider the possibility of them not producing something worthy enough of serialisation, otherwise there’d be no anime/manga left to watch/read. But the big problem is by the time they are serialised again where will +Natural and Crow be? The likely outcome is that they’ll both be soaring high in terms of rankings, so Ashirogi Muto will need something really good to kick them off the top, if they can.

Oh and lastly I still stand by that I think Iwase’s just playing around… even thought she does look rather serious… but, it’s not gonna work, especially when it’s Hattori.