Tanamachi Kaoru: Story Arc

Episode 7: Tanamachi Kaoru – Part 1: Sketch

Wish I had art lesson like this

Kaoru is a commentator for a display show called Inago Mask; a fighting hero. Junichi is playing a part of one of the bad guys. Kaoru creates too much enthusiasm and gets Junichi kick into the backstage area. Junichi is annoyed that Kaoru has gone off scripted and decides to pay her back by tying her up and soaking her by using several different bad guy costumes. Kaoru narrates about how they ended up like this; a plan that she and Junichi had come up with just before the Summer Break. Days earlier; one early morning at school, Junichi is the classroom when Kaoru enters. He has called Kaoru early as he needs her help with his art homework. She decides to assist him and sits on the same seat as him. She proceeds to correct his work but instead scribbles all over. As she does so, she moves about on the chair, which excites Junichi. Excited he looks behind to find Keiko looking at him. Keiko shouts at Kaoru and she looks up; puzzled why people are staring at her. Later, Keiko talks to Kaoru on the rooftop and tells her that even though she and Junichi are dating, she acts too friendly towards him in front of other people. Kaoru realises and feels embarrassed.

What are you, five?

Keiko tells her to keep those things when they are alone together. Kaoru thinks about the things she and Junichi do together but they haven’t really changed. Keiko then suggests that they go on a trip together. Later, Kaoru meets Junichi and tells him about the idea of a trip and he ends up having lewd thoughts about the trip. After his guilt trip, he tells Kaoru that he doesn’t have enough money. Kaoru suggest that they get part-time jobs. She shows him the pamphlet of the Inago Mask. Returning back to the show, Junichi gets Kaoru tied up and soaked for getting carried away with the show. This leads them to be told off by the staff for going off script and instead get only half pay. Later, Kaoru suggests that they get another job to have enough money for the trip. She then notices a drinks machine and takes a limited-flavour drink. She hands to Junichi to try and he ends up drinking it all, handing back the empty to Kaoru. Putting it in the bin, she notices a tour magazine. She shows Junichi a cheap Bus tour and they can go tomorrow on it. Later, Junichi meets Masayoshi in a fast food restaurant. Junichi tells him about the trip; whilst Masayoshi tells him that he is on Sushi training all summer. Junichi then hands Masayoshi an adult video to Masayoshi. Elsewhere, Kaoru tells Keiko about the trip.

In-Coach Entertainment

The next day, they head off on their trip with Junichi cheating Kaoru to get on to the bus. Kaoru has brought several limited flavoured snacks with her. Later, several people on the bus have gone to sleep and all is quiet on the journey. Junichi decides on Kaoru’s punishment for losing to him on getting on the bus. He gets one of the snacks and Kaoru has to take the chocolate part without touching his lips. She tries to get it, which causes a little ruckus which gets the attention of others on the bus. Kaoru is successful, but they find that everyone was watching them. Later at 21:40, the bus stops for a 20-min break so that the people can stretch their legs. Kaoru and Junichi head to the shops and Kaoru goes mad; buying so many limited-flavoured snacks. She returns to the bus to drop off the stuff. Putting it on the seat, she feels it looks embarrassing as it fills the seat and decides to camouflage it. Returning to Junichi, they go to an eel and tea restaurant. Junichi tells that they need to go back soon, but Kaoru tells him that the driver told them a 20-min break (21:55; currently).  Thinking they have plenty of time they head in.

An Emergency and you call her...

At 22:00, the bus driver does a head check and counts Kaoru and Junichi as on board, thinking they are sleeping, but in fact it is the hidden snacks that Kaoru brought under the sheets. At about 22:10, Junichi and Kaoru finish their meal and return to the bus. However, upon returning the bus has gone. Wondering what to do, Junichi decides to ring the travel agency, but gets the answering machine. He then decides to ring Miya, but fails to get answer as she is asleep and also sleep talking about shaved ice. He leaves the phone booth leaving his purse behind. He looks at Kaoru and they now realise that they both alone together, but what Kaoru wonders what are they going to do.

Really this is not my favourite story arc. I can’t really remember what happened in the first season of this story. Kaoru seems to be a really reckless girl. She goes too wild and ends up in trouble, like they are now. For these types of holiday, you have to be prepared for things. They both should have taken note of what time it was on the clock before leaving the bus. Then they would have realised what time they would have to back by. However, Junichi was a bit naive and went along with it. So now, I wonder on how they are going to get out of this predicament.