I’m repeating myself yet again, but I have indeed been busy as hell this week, it’s the same excuse to everything, but it’s true. I still need to catch up on Shana. So I hope you’ll all excuse me if I say this song was chosen by looking at my fripside songs, being the artist I was on at the point of realisation it was my SOTW and then moved down a few songs and found this.

Yeah… that’s an interesting story to go with the song right…? Well either way, this song is fortissimo ~the ultimate crisis~.  The second song from the single Future Gazer, which was the theme song to the OVA of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

A song that would fit the series very well in terms of the fast paced sci-fi battling action. I don’t actually like sci-fi, but Index pulled me in being sci-fi battling mixed with fantasy. And like many of us, I enjoyed the anime and enjoyed the spin off Railgun series too. I also thought fripside was quite suited to this sort of battle anime, especially the techno part suiting well with sci-fi. Anyway, short as it is, I’ll leave it at that.