Another death, but perhaps they’ve finally found a way to stop them?


The teacher fumbles about slashing randomly with the knife and finally plunges it through his throat showering the entire class with his blood.

The class erupts in panic and fear and rushes out of the room. The librarian appears and takes charge. He explains later to Misaki and Koichi that he had been worried this morning ever since the teacher said some weird things to him. Also, they’ve investigated the teacher’s house and his bedridden mother who he lived with had been murdered.

With that, they realise that it’s no use ignoring Misaki and Koichi so now they both exist again. Izumi and Teshigawara both warn Koichi that people will say that it’s his fault though, and they also may blame Izumi’s incompetence. She herself doesn’t blame Koichi, but that changes nothing and this ‘curse’ will continue.

After a friendly chat Misaki and Koichi head to the library as Koichi wants to know about 15 years ago when the ‘curse’ stopped halfway. The deaths stopped in August after a school trip where 2 died. And they also couldn’t find out who was the ‘dead’ person that year. The librarian isn’t sure why the ‘curse’ stopped, but he does know that they visited Yomiyama Shrine. Of course people have tried going back, but to no avail. However, this was what Mikami wanted to discuss with him today. As they find out later as Mikami declares that there is a school trip and it must take top priority.

In the morning, Koichi wakes up from a nightmare where everyone including him turns into mushy stuff…

His dad calls again so he asks about a weird photograph from when his mum was in highschool and apparently she had left it at her parent’s house. Later, Koichi is called out by Teshigawara, apparently he wants to say something, but only in person.

Izumi was invited also and they meet at a café where Yuya’s sister Tomoka works. A short chat later, Teshigawara and Yuya arrive. Tomoka had been told by Yuya about everything and she gave Teshigawara good information. She is here to repeat it to the others.

One of her regular customers is an old Yomiyama high class 3 student by the name of Katsumi Matsunaga. He had apparently stopped the ‘curse’ during his year by leaving something somewhere, but wouldn’t say what or where. They want to visit the guy themselves but don’t know where he lives, however, Koichi’s aunt was his classmate.

Koichi later goes to tell Misaki all the details but she won’t be coming with them as she’s leaving Yomiyama for a week to her parent’s holiday home.


A rather overdramatic death for the teacher. A stab in the chest would’ve done, no need to go through the neck and shower the place with blood then pull it out drenching the floor with too. Way too overdramatic. Which to me makes little sense, almost as if this ‘curse’ wants itself to be known, as in its saying I am a ‘curse’ not just random accidents. No logical reason would drive the teacher to suicide in such a crude way, if he was sorry then he should die quietly at home, not terrify the students further with his madness. However at least that death was greeted with a natural reaction with the class screaming and frantic running around.

I wonder why the librarian didn’t keep a better eye on the teacher after hearing all those things in the morning. He knows about the ‘curse’, he should’ve expected something to happen. If he was outside listening in then he might’ve been able to stop this horrific suicide. Also speaking of this suicide, does the librarian still claim this is not a ‘curse’? No malice, really? A teacher just knifed himself through the neck in front of a class of children! If that’s not malice I don’t know what is, oh and don’t forget the teacher killed his elderly mum too.

On another note, it’s nice seeing the two part of the class again. I’m sure no one wanted to ignore someone completely or be ignored. Although… this happiness of everyone back ‘together’ again, will most likely be short-lived. Also, Koichi’s nightmare was hilarious. What’s with everyone just melting away into mush? Was that meant to point to something? Cos if it did, then I got no clue.

And speaking of Koichi, although Izumi joked that Koichi could be the dead one, it feels like it could be very close to the truth. Koichi has to have something to do with the ‘curse’, that’s a given. And his dad keeps dropping hints that something happened.

So, I wonder if they’ll find anything at this shrine and what Katsumi may tell them. In my rushed state at the moment, I can’t think of anything that would stop this curse, so I’m not gonna bother giving a half arsed theory. But it is likely the shrine did something like send the dead person ‘onwards’ if you know what I mean. I’ll leave it at that.

Preview for next episode is beach… All I’ll say is I really hope the episode isn’t a standard beach episode… If it is, I’m not commenting… Anyway, really sorry for the rushed thoughts, I promise I’ll give better thoughts next time. But I’ve got too much on my plate last few days. Still need to catch up on Shana. Sorry again guys, but please keep the comments coming, I’ll do my best to answer them this time.