Kamui vs Tetsu wraps up with predictable results, and so we move onto Asaka vs Misaki.


Tetsu rides Werewolf Sieger, calls another Werewolf and then Dark Soul Conductor. He also calls Alluring succubus behind Dark Conductor. Succubus soulcharges. Rearguard Werewolf is intercepted by street bouncer. Vanguard Werewolf and Soul conductor deal 2 damage. 3-2.

Kamui rides Top Gun and calls Brutal Jack. Brutal Jack takes out Soul Conductor, Death Army Lady is guarded. Top Gun attacks and draws a critical trigger and a grade 3 meaning he deals 2 damage and both Death Army Lady and Guy stand. Tetsu gets a draw trigger and Kamui chooses to destroy the rearguard Werewolf. 3-4. He didn’t deal a fifth damage so he can stop a megablast from happening.

Tetsu nonetheless rides Stil Vampir anyway. He calls Gwynn the Ripper and activates counterblast, cost of 2, retire opponent’s grade 2 or lower rearguard. He chooses Death Army Guy. He then calls Demon of Aspiration, Amon and Poet of Darkness, Amon. They both gain 3k power due to there being 6 or more soul. Amon deals 1 damage, Stil Vampir is guarded by perfect defence and Ripper was guarded by Promethues. 4-4.

Kamui rides Asura Kaiser and calls Tough Boy and Clara leaving no cards in his hand. Brutal Jack deals one damage and Tetsu gets a stand trigger. Neither Asura Kaiser nor Death Army Lady gets through. 4-5.

Tetsu rides Beelzebub and calls Dark Soul Conductor. Ripper deals 1 damage and with a critical trigger Beelzebub deals the final damage.


As expected, a loss for Kamui and as expected Tetsu taken notice of Kamui. Nothing unexpected at all from this episode. Playing out ‘by the book’.

However! I believe there was a mistake in this episode. Small mistake, but mistake nonetheless. I only watched it twice so I could be wrong, so correct me if I’m wrong or say if you agree. But anyway, after Top Gun’s attack which dealt 2 damage to Tetsu the score was Kamui at 3 damage and Tetsu at 4. But, I believe the announcer guy said that the score was tied at 4 apiece. Which of course is wrong. The score only became tied when Tetsu had his turn and he dealt only one damage with Amon. Which leads me to think the episode somehow screwed up and played that short clip too early.

But anyway, apart from that, it was all rather mundane. Now we see if Misaki’s duel will also go the way we expect. Or at least I expect, though I think many of you agree with me anyway. I do love Tsukuyomi, can’t wait to see her taking the stage again.